Ruckers Gotta Run

Ruckers Gotta Run

Workout Date:





Hoser, Bling, OneCall, Lombardi, Early Bird, Castaway, Fergi, Rousey, Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

Fresh off an amazing (if I do say so myself) 3 hr #GrowRuck22 training session on Saturday morning, YHC was a little skeptical of the turnout for #ElevationMonday.  Add to that the near 24hrs of rain and a 100% chance of rain for 0500, YHC started to think it may be a solo beatdown.  But F3 is rain or shine and the F3GrandStrand Ruckers are a fearless bunch.  8 PAX stared down the forecast and joined YHC in kicking off February with some running and rucking.

As YHC climbed out of the truck I noticed only 1 PAX – Rousey – was carrying a sandbag with his ruck.  Apparently this fearless bunch only brings their sandbags if explicitly told to do so.  Alright, time to modify.

1 minute warning

As the PAX made their way to the South end of the Doug Shaw track YHC explained that the first portion of the beatdown would be OYO.  Get your heart rate up, stretch out and loosen up your legs from Saturday, and work hard.

Drop rucks, run (not mosey) 1 lap and then run all 4 sets of bleachers.
Return to start, ruck up, ruck 1 lap, and ruck all 4 sets of bleachers.
Rinse and repeat until time is called.  All PAX got 2 full rounds in in just under 34 minutes.

Next, circle up in the end zone around the nice blue circle for a little PT I saw posted on Facebook by Cadre DS.  He did it with ruck on and a 60# sandbag (see above…).  We’d give it a shot with just the ruck and a slight modification.

EMOM (except 90 seconds):
1 ruck deadlift, 1 ruck OH press, 1 ruck front squat
2 ruck deadlifts, 2 ruck OH press, 2 ruck front squats
Keep going every 90 seconds until you can’t complete the round

This started off very slow.  90 seconds seemed too long and we were 60# short of the prescribed workout.  After 4 or 5 rounds YHC started shortening the time to 60 seconds, which ramped up the pain.  Everyone was pushing through and easily making time, but YHC selfishly called it after 11 rounds due to a slightly tweaked lower back.  No one seemed to mind.

1 lap cool down ruck

But wait, we still have 3 minutes…  After letting the walker clear the 100m straightaway YHC called a full 100m sprint fully expecting her to continue going the same direction.  Apparently, her workout called for random changes of direction and she nearly got flattened by Bling.  One more sprint back to the bags to finish off the morning!

Time Called!

Count-O-Rama – 9
–  Freed to Bleed – March 2nd
–  GrowRuck – SIGN UP
Prayer requests unspoken


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