Running from the Shadows

Running from the Shadows

Workout Date:





ERC, Texas Ranger, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 50 degrees (20 degrees cooler than yesterday); slight westerly breeze, clear sky

PAX: ERC, Texas Ranger, Quaker (QIC)

Somebody named El Red Cardo wanted to run today and since Mr. Cardo is twitterless & slackless, YHC told him I would provide the PSA to the other PAX. Mr. Cardo also does not like to deviate from tradition, so this run would begin at 5:15 sharp! Since shutting down the official workout schedule, PAX have been taking advantage of later start times across the region and a 5:15 start would be challenging for most.

Brown Bag was first to respond stating that he had a full day of weeding /mulching and may need to rest; he SC’d. Hamburglar was next to chime in, but he played it safe with a, “No Comment” Gif. Hottub’s Gif ‘ just faded into the bushes’.

Well you got to work with what you got, so YHC prodded Brown Bag that the best way to address sore muscles was with some stretching & a run before sunrise. Texas Ranger concurred with my assessment, however, there was no HC from TR, either. With that said Brown Bag later texted YHC with a “#SYITG”, so YHC took that as a solid HC!

YHC pulled into the Hulk at 5:12 and ERC & TR were already in the lot stretching from a distance (#SocialDistancing). Quick greeting were made, ERC announced 1 minute warning. TR dropped my truck’s tailgate and ‘hid’ his keys. He reminded me to not drive away before the keys were retrieved at the end of the run. I told him that if I did drive away,  I wouldn’t answering any text for help until sometime around 9:30 (It takes YHC a while to respond to texts, really!??).  Brown Bag was nowhere to be found (#AlarmMalfunction), so it was just the 3 of us law abiding citizens.

5:15 – ERC, “Take it away Quaker, we’ll follow you!”  . . . and into the Gloom we ran!

YHC was surprised that I had been tapped to lead the trio, I thought I’d be in the back just trying to keep up! Leading the run was great! Not only did I experience that good ol’ Q-drenaline I also knew where we were going (although I never told the other PAX). Being the leader keeps you motivated; you have to keep the pace up, you have to move with purpose; and you can’t fall behind or stop!

We started up and over the bridge (#MtJeb) somewhat single file and about 6-10 feet apart. Although this is a safe distance, it dramatically hampers the mumble chatter and music enjoyment! By the eastside-base of the bridge our running alignment was set: It was YHC up front, followed by ERC, with TR as the sweeper. Having TR bring up the six was perfect because his headlamp shed so much light! (what was it? 1,000 lumins??) YHC wondered if TR swiped one of the new Village Lights straight off a pole and strapped it to his head!! I wouldn’t be surprised if ERC got a nice base tan this morning in addition to the run due his proximity to TR!! Without social distancing he may have needed aloe to sooth the burns!!

After the bridge were turned at the Barc Parc then took a right onto Claire Chapin Epps Drive. At 62nd Avenue N. we took another right, then crossed 17 Bypass. Immediately after crossing 17 we turned left on to Frontage Road then ran east at the Village onto 65th Avenue N. We took a straight shot all the way out to the beach.

At the beach we put our toes in the sand and ERC touched the Atlantic. We then turned and followed our steps back to the Hulk!

5.55 miles

9.02 minute pace

50 minutes elapsed time


6:05 – Time Called




Announcements: Dragonboat rescheduled for September 19th . . . sign-up NOW; Mental Health WOD set for tomorrow via Zoom! Daily BOM via Zoom @ High Noon every weekday! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY – 10 yrs for El Red Cardo & his M

Texas Ranger led us in Prayer.





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