🎄S.A.N.T.A. AMRAP (Timed)🎄

🎄S.A.N.T.A. AMRAP (Timed)🎄

Workout Date:






The Thang:

AO: The Village
Start Time: 5:15
Weather: 65 degrees, great weather!

Note:(Random Christmas Music Playing)
-> 15 SSH (IC)
-> 15 TTT (IC)
-> 15 WM’s (IC)
-> 15 IW’s (IC
-> 15 HB’s (IC)
-> Flying Nuns- Lunge Walk while doing little baby arm circles.  We did (IC) while moving in a circle until pax came back to their original location in the COP.
-> Ran to the stop sign and back located outside the AO (took first left out of AO).

Mosey to front of building where benches are located, pax line up on curve

Warm Up:
->50 Rocky’ B’s (2 Count)
Move over to benches
->30 Step-Ups (OYO)
->30 Dips (OYO)
->Rinse and Repeat for 2 rounds total.

Mosey to the block pile at corner of the parking lot

Main Event:
S.A.N.T.A  AMRAP (Timed)
Note- All exercises below performed with a cinder block AMRAP and set to a timer. (YHC’s Christmas Playlist Playing in Background)

S.– Squats (2 mins) ->Run Lap

A.– Alpos (1 min) ->Run Lap

N.– Nemo’s (2 mins)->Run Lap
What the heck are NEMO’s?
Follow link below to to find out:

T.– The Curl (1.5 min)-> Run Lap

A.– American Hammers (1 min)-> Run Lap

Extra Credit: Tricep Extensions (1 min)

Mosey back to flag

Note: 1.8 miles running logged during workout!💪

Mary: Pax Choice (10 reps max)
YHC-> Homer to Marge (10) IC
Rubber-> Flutter Kicks (10) IC
Humpback-> Super Man’s (10) single count.
ERC-> From Super Man position, find a way to get to your feet without using your hands.
Flyover-> American Hammers (10) IC
Sunshine-> Plank up on fingertips, hold for around 10 seconds.



->Blood Drive “Freed to Bleed” scheduled for 12/30/20.
->Bomb Squad will be having it’s 5 year anniversary next Saturday (1/2/21) with 4 former AOQ’s plus YHC on Q!

Prayer requests:
-> Rubber’s old business partner has Covid.
-> One of Flyover’s friends dad just passed away from Covid, prayers for family.
-> Humpback’s grandfather has some stuff he is dealing with, prayers out to him.
-> All families traveling during the Holiday’s.
-> Special thanks to God the Father for sending His Son into the world!


Honor to Lead!!

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