S.U.P.E.R. B.O.W.L.

S.U.P.E.R. B.O.W.L.

Workout Date:



Soft Shell


Papa Smurf(Respect), Heisenberg(Respect), Mater, Esau, Birthday Boy, Pluff Mud(Respect), Dredge, Dollywood(Respect), Black Top(Respect), Soft Shell(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Blackbeard’s Revenge

Conditions: 43 and Clear

Showed up early to plant Shovel Flag and do a warm-up mile ruck mosey.  Lights were already on thanks to Papa Smurf, he was already out doing his 2 mile warm-up mosey.  YHC got back from the ruck to see a couple of cars in the parking lot and a couple more pulling in.  Here comes Papa Smurf with his flashing vest getting back from his warm up.   Gathered next to the the shovel flag and 1 minute warning was given.


SSH 20 (IC)

TTT 20 (IC)

Stretch: Right over Left, Left over Right, Straight Down

Imperial Walker 20 (IC)

LBAC Forward 20 (IC)

Overhead Clap 20 (IC)

LBAC Reverse 20 (IC)

Seal Clap 20 (IC)

Merkins 5 (OYO)

Moseyed around the parking lot, around the baseball field, and ended up on the Basketball court.

Decided to do a partner workout using the words SUPER BOWL in reference to the upcoming game.  One partner would run around the the sandbox while the other performed the listed exercise and would switch off.

S  ide Stradle Hops (200)

U  p Downs (50)

P  lank Jacks (100)

E  xplosive Merkins (100)  *Could not come up with a “E” exercise, so explosive meant to try to explode off the           ground on the way up

R  ussian Twist (100) (count one side)


B  urpees (50)

O  verhead Press (200)

W ide Arm Merkin (100)

L  unges (100) (count each leg)

Everyone finished and did a great job, we still had some time left over so we all circled up and did some MARY


Crunchy Frog 20 (IC), Flutter Kicks 20 (IC), Box Cutters 10 (IC), LBC 20 (OYO)

We had 2 minutes left so we lined up on the base line and did a Bear Crawl to the other base line and then headed to the shovel flag



Thank you Birthday Boy for praying us out!

Thank you to all that came out, it was a pleasure to lead!






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