SandBlox is BACK!

SandBlox is BACK!

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Disconnect, Bubbles

The Thang:

Sandblox is back! After shutting down last Friday so we could give Elite Friday’s a proper send off, 3 PAX showed up back on the beach to throw some blocks around.  Disconnect brought the blocks, Bubbles brought the intensity, and YHC brought shorts so short that even Bling would blush. We circled up around the flag and got started with a brief warmup:

25 x SSH IC

15 x Imperial Walkers IC

15 x Thru the tunnel IC

15 x tempo squats IC

15 x windmills IC
15 x Merkins IC

We then took a quick mosey and then returned to get started on the blocks. We did the following supersets:

1A/1B – Tempo Overhead Press/Tempo Bent-over rows – 3 sets: 15, 12, 15 reps

2A/2B – Block Shouldering/Merkings – 3 sets: 8 each side + 15 merkins


3A/3B – Tempo Front Squats/Block Swings – 15, 12, 10

4A/4B – Tempo Curls/Tempo Tricep Extension- 15, 12, 10


Suprisingly, we hadn’t done any compound movements yet and we were 45 minutes into the workout. YHC decided to make up for lost time and finish up with a smoker:  Blockees + Thrusters. First set was for 15 reps…….smoked. We then got on our 6 to do some flutter kicks for active recovery. Got back on the blocks for a second set of 12 reps……more smoke. Back to flutter kicks.  Finished it up for a final set up of 10….burnt.  After one more recovery mosey I turned it over to Disconnect to send us out with some ab work and stretching.  We got in a quick gauntle of ab exercises plus planks and then finished up with some Yoga poses and focused on our breathing. Finally done. No new announcements but a prayer request for Disconnect’s grandfather who is getting some tests done due to chest pains.

Great to be back on the beach and thankful for Bubbles and Disconnect for showing up and pushing the pace. Warthog was well represented.

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