Saturday Q school

Saturday Q school

Workout Date:





Kitten, Reborn, Papyrus

The Thang:

When I showed up at the Pit Stop around 7:15, it was a really nice morning for a workout, except for one thing: no PAX! With a few minutes to spare, Papyrus pulled in. Then, just as we were getting started, Reborn came jogging out of the building to join in the fun.

I anticipated that there would be a few PAX at the workout who had not yet done their VQ, so the workout was designed to give the other PAX chances to lead some exercises in cadence themselves.

After giving the disclaimer at 7:30, I led 20 reps each of a bunch of exercises in cadence:




imperial walkers


arm circles (forward and reverse)

overhead claps

cherry pickers

overhead press


calf raises


shoulder taps

mountain climbers

plank jacks


flutter kicks

Freddy Mercuries

Sweat angels

American hammers

Monkey humpers


ssh (I told you it was a bunch of exercises)

Since there were only three of us, we had the chance to do several rounds of Mary, talking as went through how to introduce an exercise, call out cadence, and change inflection to let the other PAX know we’re on the last rep. These PAX did great!

We closed the workout with Jack Webbs, all the way from 1-4 to 10-40.

Announcements: At the end of the workout, Papyrus signed up for his VQ at the Pit Stop on 10/27! Reborn will schedule his soon! Way to step up!

Prayers: Prayers for everyone affected by the flooding, especially for Papyrus’ students (and all the other ones, too) to be safe and make good choices while they’re out of school.

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