Saturday with O’Douls

Saturday with O’Douls

Workout Date:





Boxcar, Pikachu, Rousey, Speedbump, Rocky Top, Cross Stitch, Doughboy, Craw Dad, Rubber, Quaker, Beefsteak

The Thang:

Condition- the usual- hot, humid and sticky! low 80s

Cross-Stitch asked mid week if I would interested in taking on the Saturday Q… YHC hasn’t Q’d a Saturday in quite some time, so this was a great opportunity to support a great AO. Also, I could reign in the Saturday shenanigans that either Candy Cane or Beefsteak would’ve had planned after an 8 mile run 🙂 Soooo you’re welcome all! 🙂

After arriving at the AO, Pikachu, Cross Stitch, Speedbump and Rousey were taking a little pre-“run” (walk) around the AO, so I joined. I realized at the concession stand that we needed to haul it back to give the one minute warning. Actually, I called a 1/2 minute warning.

Mission and Disclaimer was given.


71- Hairy Rockettes IC (Pikachu said midweek that these will get you after 71, so hey why not try them again)….71 is the age my FIL passed away in January, and I have done these rep counts quite often to remember him.

20- IWs IC

20- HBs IC

20- Shoulder Taps IC

20- Plank Jacks IC

10- Good Mornings iC

15 Willie Mays Hayes IC

15- BACs IC

15- Chinooks IC

15-Chinooks IR IC

30- SSHs IC

The Thang

Mosey to big parking lot and lined up on first parking lane line. At each parking line (17 in all according to Rousey), we did the following set of exercises: 3 Burpees, 3 Squats, 3 Big Boys.. I instructed the PAX to pick up the 6 if finished early. Not many early finishers during this set 🙂

Slow walk mosey to concession stand. We the following set of exercises and mosey at 1) concession stand 2) side parking lot 3) cross and 4) back to concession stand:

1st Round

Concession Stand- 15 Merkins IC YHC

Parking Lot- 10 Merkins IC YHC

Cross- 10 Merkins IC YHC

Concession Stand- 5 IC Merkins YHC

2nd Round

Concession Stand- 20 Tempo Squats IC Cross Stitch

Parkling Lot- 15 Tempo Squats IC Rubber

Cross- 10 Tempo Squats IC Cross Stitch

Concession Stand- 5 Tempo Squats IC (with a 3 count low) Rubber

3rd Round

Concession Stand- 20 Flutters IC Boxcar

Parking Lot- 15 Flutters IC Doughboy

Cross- 10 Flutters IC Boxcar

Concession Stand- 5 Tempo Squats IC Doughboy

Thanks for the cadence calling help gents!!

Line up at side parking lot and do 25/50/75/100% mosey to cone at end of parking lot. We grabbed coupons for the following set of exercises:

10 Wave OH Presses- YHC

30 Curls OYO- Rousey

20 Tri Extensions IC YHC

Return coupons



15 Freddie Mercurys IC- Quaker

10- Outlaws IC YHC

Some stretching/yogo showcase by Rubber 🙂 He is unbelievably flexible!




Announcements- Q sheet open for August, tentative date of 8/29 for Freed-to-Bleed, Dads Camp Thunderbird 8/19-8/21, Discussed more consistency with the backblasts by all PAX.

I prayed us out focused on “God doesn’t cause it, but cures it in our lives”- prayers for Camel and Elmers dealing with personal family challenges, praise to Pikachu’s daughter’s volunteering and others. There was a long list. GOD IS GOOD!

As always, it’s an honor to lead, especially back out on a Saturday!