Seasons In The Sun & Reasons Why We Run

Seasons In The Sun & Reasons Why We Run

Workout Date:





High Interest, Sunshine, Flyover, El Red Cardo, HotTub. Crankbait, Brown Bag, Quaker

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 77 degrees, no humidity, calm

This was it,  the Last Friday of July! The PAX were either avoiding our mandatory monthly Bridge Work or we were saving the best for last!! Either way there was no doubt that the entire run today would be completed on the Bridge. The night before our Q, Hottube, called out for HC and Sunshine, High Interest, Flyover, and YHC replied. Brown Bag gave a SC, but lets be honest, Brown Bag’s SC is stronger than most others HC. YHC doesn’t know if it was the twitter references to the Six Million Dollar Man, Tommy Boy, Cheers, or the Bridge that piqued everyone’s interest, but the online energy in the air was palpable. When YHC arrived at the Hulk (just behind Brown Bag), HotTub, Sunshine, and Flyover were ready to go with their headlamps lit.  Then High Interest pulled in eager to shock his body back into run mode as training for the Myrtle Beach 1/2 Marathon is upon us. With a minute to spare Flyover noticed a headlamp approaching from The Bluffs via the service road. Someone quipped, “Its either ERC or a Train but either way we should get out the the way!” As the light came closer, ERC materialized out of the Gloom (pre-run of approximately 1 mile). We now numbered 7 PAX (our baseline goal each week) and all were ready to get after the Bridge!! HotTub handed out 10 American Yard Flags that we would be using as markers momentarily. #FreedomFridays returns!

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15 – Silent Disclaimer


The PAX began by running north down Frontage Rd and under International Drive Overpass and then turning left to ascend Col. Bob Bell Path. This path leads up along Route 31, then International Drive and up and over the Bridge that spans the Intercoastal Waterway. A s we neared the west side of the Bridge, Hottub planted the first flag. When we reached the east side of the bridge a 2nd flag was planted. As we descended, a flag was planted at each yard marker (350, 300, 250, 200, 150, 100, & 50). The final 2 Flags were planted at the starting line at the base.

The plan for today was to do ascending bridge runs for the entire beatdown. PAX were instructed to pair up and pick a starting point (i.e. 50 yds marker, 100 yrd marker, etc.). Each pair would run to the west side of the Bridge and turn around. On the return trip east, each group was instructed to turn around at the marker 50 yrds from where they began (i.e. if you start on the 50 yrd marker, your turn around will be at the 100 yrd marker, then your next return trip will only be to the 150 yrd marker, etc, etc until all PAX ascend up the bridge turning around at each yrd marker). Our run west always ended at the 1st flag.

On our second loop (returning east) we were joined by Crankbait looking for some company as he was the lone PAX posting at The Village this morning (or so we thought).

When all PAX ascended the Bridge to the 350 yrd marker and returned from the west side flag, all PAX descended the Bridge heading east and circled up at the Starting Line for a well deserved 20 Count. HotTub let us know that we had 6 minutes left on the clock. Would it be a slow mosey back to the Hulk? HE11 NO!! Time to line up for wind sprints up the Bridge!!

1-2-3 – Sprint to the 150 yrd marker and mosey back

1-2-3 – Sprint to the 100 yrd marker and mosey back

1-2-3 – Sprint to the 50 yrd marker and keep on running back to the Hulk

Time Called!

NOTE: Flyover was a beast and crushed all of the sprints and still had more!!

NOTE: Sunshine had something going on during the run that felt like, “Rubbing a Callus”

NOTE: Brown Bag may wear bilateral neoprene knee braces but this man can run!

NOTE: High Interest loves to run!

NOTE:  Sneaky, Sneaky ERC is much faster than he pretends to be!

NOTE:  HotTub a.k.a. “The Run Whisperer” is truly in his element and is doing a great job as AOQ (even if he hasn’t posted a BackBlast lately)

NOTE: Crankbait is a true H.I.M. & rock solid

NOTE: It doesn’t take much for YHC to write a BackBlast . . . 35 cents!!

NOTE: Other Possible Q Titles: ” Run for the Money”

NOTE: There is no better way to start Fridays then with these Men . . . Thank you


Count-o-Rama = 8


Announcements: 12 Week 1/2 Marathon Train begins this Tuesday (contact High Interest for details or check in on Slack & twitter for designated run days, locations, and run times); Bling has 50% discount code for Myrtle Beach 1/2 Marathon for a limited time

Prayers: Buffett and his family; Mark & Mark as they continue cancer treatment; Family of 2 men working on 501 yesterday who were fatally struck by traffic [1 lived in Loris (29 year old) and the other in Aynor (35 year old)]

HotTub prayed us out.

Post Beatdown:

ERC headed south for his return run to The Bluffs

Crankbait & YHC ran east back to The Village

YHC just felt like running and continued east to the beach then ran back to the Hulk


Lyrical Quote: “No eternal rewards will forgive us for wasting the dawn” – Jim Morrison [The Wasp (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)]





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