Seein’ Ian & Sayin’ “So What?”

Seein’ Ian & Sayin’ “So What?”

Workout Date:



Tiny Dancer, Candy Cane, Drifter,Quaker


Tiny Dancer, Candy Cane, Drifter, Quaker

The Thang:

AO:  The Plank

Conditions: Perfect

PAX:  Tiny Dancer, Candy Cane, Drifter, Quaker

At 8:23 Thursday morning, Candy Cane put out a call for the Friday Run Group to see who would commit to running in the rain. He reminded us of Core Principle #3 – “F3 Workouts are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold.”

There were 4 “Strong Arm Emojis” but no true HCs all day.  At 7:23pm, YHC quietly asked, “What’s the start time?” (I knew answer but wanted to get some chatter going)

40 minutes later, Candy Cane tentatively responded,“ 5:15.”

 He was tentative because apparently there were behind the scenes discussions all day about whether or not we should run due to Hurricane Ian.  The conversations leaned towards the side of cancelation “unless someone HC’d”. If there was just one HC, Candy Cane would be there.

After much internal deliberation, at 8:15pm, YHC HC’d on Slack.

This was immediately followed by a ‘Good Grief’ Emoji from Drifter, radio silence from Hamburglar, and then a 2nd HC from Tiny Dancer!!

Drifter had to let the HCs percolate for another 10 minutes before responding, “You guys are crazy . . .I’ll see ya in the morning!!

And there it was, after 12 hours of playing our poker hands, the cards were on the table . . .and we all were winners!!

YHC was so excited to run in extreme conditions, I woke up several times during the night to check my alarm. I was first to arrive at Doug Shaw Stadium around 5:05 and was met shortly thereafter by Candy Cane. As the rain pelted our windshields, Candy Cane gave me a head nod & a smile, then stepped out into the Gloom. He headed straight for the Entrance Pavilions. After another minute or 2 passed, YHC hustled over to the shelter as Tiny Dancer & Drifter pulled into the parking lot.

Candy Cane, Drifter & I dressed accordingly for the weather & sported rain parkas.  Tiny Dancer took a different angle and was sporting a tan puffy vest! At first this seemed like an odd choice, but in hind sight, it was a marvelously Machiavellian move! Sure we were all a bit crazy to agree to run in a hurricane, but the guy who shows up in a puffy vest is clearly the craziest!! Well played, Tiny!

We chatted for a few minutes under the limited protection of the pavilion, then YHC stepped into the Gloom and the run commenced.


We left the parking lot and ran down 33rd Avenue trying to avoid puddles (in a rain storm, really?). We crossed Oak Street & N. Kings Highway. As we approached the beach an executive decision needed to be made as to which direction to turn on Ocean Drive. Should be run into the wind or with the wind?

We turned left into the wind and battled the full force of Ian for next 2 miles. Along the way we continued to avoid puddles (why??) and Tiny started running on the sidewalks in an effort to gain some protection from the tree lined streets. No Mas. The rain at this point was hitting us from all directions.

It was also around this time, that we became increasing envious of Tiny’s vest as our rain=soaked jackets began weighing us down & holding us back as wind entered our hoods creating a parachute effect.  As we got slower, Tiny got faster until Ocean Drive merged into Porcher Drive near the Mermaid Inn.

We passed the Mermaid Inn and then turned right on Beach Place Road which took us back towards the ocean and onto Ocean Drive once again.

The return trip down the Blvd was fast & furious as we were pushed along by Ian until we reach Doug Shaw once more.

The Numbers: Run time = 43 minutes & 12 seconds; Pace = 8:59 (not bad for hurricane conditions); Distance=4.8 miles

NMMS: Hard Commits are essential to accountability and acceleration. It is always fun to workout in extreme conditions. Memories were made and good times had by all.