“Shall we roll it, Jimmy?”

“Shall we roll it, Jimmy?”

Workout Date:



Brown Bag


Brown Bag, War Eagle, Crankbait, Vitamin D, Sunshine, Texas Ranger

The Thang:

57* Warm with High Humidity

Arrived to the AO at 0525 trailing right behind War Eagle. He asked what’s with all the cars and no PAX to be found. YHC reminded him of the Super Gloom QSource and then Crankbait, Vitamin D, Sunshine and Texas Ranger came strolling out of the building. At 0529 YHC called the one minute warning and at 0530 proceeded with the proper disclaimer and the beatdown commenced!

Que’d up a Led Zeppelin Setlist and…. Rock and Roll………………

25 SSH

10 Merkins

15 Imperial Walkers

15 Merkins

15 Hillbillies

20 Merkins

15 Through The Tunnel

25 Merkins


QSource Update from Texas Ranger. Theme: Fitness is best Accelerated by running with faster men

15 LBAC in Reverse

15 Air Press

20 Merkins

All PAX fast Mosey’d around the parking lot and ended up at the concrete pad corner.

YHC called out 4 corners exercises.

Round 1

Corner 1 – 5 Burpees

Mosey to

Corner 2 – 10 Big Boys

Bear Crawl to

Corner 3 – 15 Merkins

Mosey to

Corner 4 – 20 Curls w/ Coupon


10 Merkins in cadence


Round 2

Corner 1 –  5 Manmakers

Mosey to

Corner 2 – 10 Squats

Bear Crawl to

Corner 3 – 15 Merkins

Mosey to

Corner 4 – 20 Overhead Press


10 Merkins in cadence


Round 3

Corner 1 – 5 Manmakers

Mosey to

Corner 2 – 10 Freddie Mercury’s 4 count

Bear Crawl to

Corner 3 – 15 Merkins

Mosey to

Corner 4 – 20 Tricep Extensions


10 Merkins in cadence


Vitamin D read my mind, picked number 7 and a quick Catch Me if You Can commenced around the parking lot.


10 Merkins in cadence


Mosey’d to the benches out front

Gotta get those Merkins in…

11’s w/ Merkins and Dips


Indian Run around the entire AO. It started out quite discombobulated but we reeled in Vitamin D and War Eagle, regrouped and finished off the Indian Run at the speed bump.


When I told Violet, my 13 year old daughter, that I was Qing she told me that I had to incorporate a relay race. It was YHC, Vitamin D and Texas Ranger up against Sunshine, War Eagle and Crankbait. It ended in a photo finish tie… wink, wink


Time to clean up our coupon mess left behind at corners 1 and 4. At corner 1 we did 20 curls and then returned our coupons. At corner 4 we did 20 bent over rows and then returned our coupons.


Back to the COT and it was determined that we had 30 Merkins to go to hit our 250 challenge. Thank you to Vitamin D for keeping count!


YHC – 15 Merkins in cadence

Crankbait – 20 Pretzel Crunches in cadence

Vitamin D – 15 maybe 17 maybe 17.5 Flutter Kicks in cadence

War Eagle – 20 Freddie Mercury’s (abs are burning for all by now) in cadence

Texas Ranger – 20 LBC’s OYO

Sunshine – 22 Merkins OYO



(Official Merkin count ended up at 257!)




QSource – Every Thursday at The Village 0445 Super Gloom

Dragon Boat – April 27th – Still need a few HIM to paddle




Sunshine shared and Crankbait asked for good thoughts for Ms. Pac-Man


YHC prayed us out.




Such a blessing for YHC to have dived into the F3 pool. It has now been 8 months of beatdowns and fellowship. And yes, I am a better man physically, mentally and spiritually. Thank you, brothers!


Honor to Q!




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