Sheldon Cooper helped deliver the Big Bang!

Sheldon Cooper helped deliver the Big Bang!

Workout Date:





High Interest, Handy Manny, Cheesesteak, Buffett, Stalker (DR), Skidmark (QIC)

The Thang:

Honor to take Q a little bit last minute.  Hate that I missed yesterday’s Hoedown Beatdown.  Weather about 70 and not too humid.

Handy Manny, Buffett, and Stalker (DR Summerville) already sweaty from pre-run – great work men!

One minute warning.  Planted the flag.  Disclaimer

SSH IC x 20, TTT IC x 20, Windmill IC x 15, Imp Walkers IC x 20, LBAC IC x 20, LBAC Reverse IC x 20, OH Press IC x 20.

The Beatdown:

The Sheldon Cooper routine with Merkins, Squats, & Big Boys – look it up 🙂

2 rounds of Circle Burp.

11s – Lunges 2 count & Carolina Dry Docks.

Line up at speed bump in front of church for some Burpees and Bear Crawl.

  • Burpee and 2 steps of Toy Solder repeated to the first flag pole and Bear Crawl back.
  • Burpee Broad Jump repeated to first flag pole and Bear Crawl back.

Partnered up for a quick game of Catch Me if You Can.

Back to the shovelflag for some abs.  LBCs OYO x 40, Flutter Kicks IC x 20, American Hammers IC x 20, Mtn Climbers IC x 20, & Plank Jacks IC x 20.

Huge beatdown coming tomorrow courtesy of Papa Smurf – BE THERE!  Check out the new Sunday workout know as The Dunes.

Everyone put in hard work!  Make it a great day!

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