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OneCall, Weedeater, Billboard, Penelope, Mudslide,

The Thang:

It is Cold.  That is all.  YHC is getting antsy to get back to tanktop weather as I know the other PAX are as well.  Something about a bunch of guys in tanktops that will get you out of bed in the morning.  #eyecontactalways.

YHC called for the workout to be done in the parking garage, not only for the weather but wanted to use the decline elevation to our benefit.

When YHC showed up the bells had already been set out in order and looked glorious!


YHC has been trying to focus on stretching, something I haven’t done properly in a very long time and has been beneficial lately for me.  So we started out with stretching on your own to get the muscles prepped.

1st Round- PAX picked a weight and we swang for a 10 count then rotated through the weight until all had been used.

2nd Round- Man makers 5 count with all weights. Drop down push up, hop back up and dead lift weight.  Modified BURPEES- Farmer carry the 100lber

3rd Round- we circled up, YHC grabbed the 50lber.  PAX get into AL GORE and we pass the weight around with 10 seconds on the weight

4th Round- Shoulders- burn out the shoulders and we did that.  Combination of Rows, presses, shrugs, etc.

ALSO somewhere in this timeframe a man informed us that we were being to loud,  (pshhh we are throwing around weights man, maybe you should join us and see what it is all about)

We finished being as quite as possible!!


5th Round- ARRRMMMSS.  Switch between biceps and triceps.  Curls, extensions, etc

Finish with Circle of Pain.  This time everyone grab a different weight.  Hold the weight up to your chin with elbows extended out (high row) anbd hold for 10 senconds, pass your weight to the next PAX until all PAX have had a chance to use all weights.

Then we went right into prisoner squats with the same weights and pass around until compelte.  Dont worry your body is supposed to shake like that!


A bunch of things coming up, 2.0 workout needs a AOQ, step up and get into leadership role

Dragon Boat race- needs to fill spots

Adventure race coming up next Saturday!

YHC led us out.

Thank you men for allowing me to lead you this morning.  It is always a honor!


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