Short Circuit

Short Circuit

Workout Date:





Karma, OneCall, Hoser, Bling, Valvano, Flash, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: 56 degrees.  Nice.

Someone fed some of the PAX around here a dose of DavidGoggins.  YHC has been getting texts and DMs about pre-work, Sunday workouts, secret workouts and everything in between.  YHC has also noticed the P200 PAX running all over town just about any day of the week and SaltyGears has kicked off too.  No days off for a lot of you #HIM.  It’s like the Only Easy Day was Yesterday around here.   Anyway, Tiny Dancer was trying to EH me for a #FallofBaghdad WOD at 0515 at Doug Shaw.  Since YHC was on Q at Warthog, this wouldn’t work.  Then Valvano said he would be at Warthog at 0430 to get in his Joe Baker Fitness training for the HTL he, Bling and YHC stupidly signed up for.  Fine, let’s do this.   Flash sends a Friday text asking if YHC would show for the #FallofBaghdad WOD at Warthog instead but YHC already through an HC to the 6-8 mile ruck with Valvano.   So 8 PAX showed for the Ruck, including Tiny Dancer, Castaway and Fergie….wait…what about that WOD?  So Flash did the #FallofBaghdad on his own and Valvano, Castaway, OneCall, Fergie, Hoser, Tiny Dancer, Bling and YHC rucked 6.5 miles while stopping every 1/4 mile for 5 ruck squats and 10 ruck walking lunges.  We got back just in time for Fergie, Castaway and Tiny Dancer to speed off into the sunrise.  Flash was finishing his workout and YHC set up for the Saturday beatdown.   Everyone of us was spent and considering breakfast instead but then Karma comes racing down the street and jumps out of his ride full of energy, some shock at a parking lot full of the usual ruck crew and maybe even a little disappointment as he realized we wouldn’t be running the entire workout today.  Yes, this is Karma that maybe even a year ago, complained about running halfway around the lake.

30 second warning


Most of us are warmed up already so let’s mosey 1 lap around the track.

YHC set up a 10 Station Circuit.

1. 25lb KB Clean & Jerk

2. 40lb/60lb Sandbag Carry (Choose one or take both)

3. Weasel’s PVC Pipe for Front Hold

4. 80lb Reverse Sandbag Drag

5. 35lb Plate Bent Over Rows

6. Bucket Carry (Undisclosed weight)

7. 45lb KB Swing

8. 40lb Tractor Weight Farmer’s Carry

9. 35lb Plate Front or Overhead Press

10. CinderBlock Rifle Carry

We started the circuit with about 45 second rounds and went for 25 minutes.

Mosey one lap around the track.

For 2.5 laps, sprint the straights and walk the curves.

Back to the circuit for 1 more round.



Announcements: GR22 Training-Lombardi’s 12 Mile Ruck next Saturday.  TheOyster’s new start time of 0530 starts on Monday 3/15.   Get on the Q sheet.

Prayers/Shoutouts:  OneCall’s oldest 2.0 making his commitment to the Citadel!  Prayers for our 2.0s and families.

Awesome work.  Karma crushed us on those sprints until Flash was able to catch his breath and blew him and the rest of the PAX away.  The WaveRucker crew of Hoser, Valvano, Bling and OneCall are used to being around sandbags and slinging weight around so YHC was a little worried that the weights would be too light.  These dudes crushed the circuit.  By the time we got around the the 20 minute mark, we were all feeling it and especially when we came back from the sprints to the final round.  Great work all around and we were all spent.

Always an Honor!

-Headgear out!

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