Show up whenever you want

Show up whenever you want

Workout Date:





SpinalTap, Shrapnel (Rx3), Sleepy, Liberace, Fergie, Bergundy, BrownBag, Weasel, Cubbie, Karma, Flash, Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: 55 Degrees, Cool.  Nice change of pace.

Just another Saturday on Forbus Ct but Sleepy gave me a heads up about barricades for the Coastal 5k.  Checking the time, the 5k would start at 0730 so YHC put out the word on Slack for the PAX to be prepared to park elsewhere but it seems the majority of the PAX did not check Slack so PAX were filtering in from all different directions for about 20 minutes into the beatdown.  All good.  Let’s go!

1 Minute Warning



SSH x25 IC

Merkins x23 OYO

HighKnees x20 IC

TempoSquats x20 IC

Windmills x20 IC

TTT x15 IC

Stretch L-C-R

Burpees x5 OYO

Mosey to playground

X5 Rounds:

Pull-ups x10

Merkins x20

LBCs x30

Together – slow count IC.  Good form.

BBSUs x25

Merkins x25

Squats x25

LBCs x25


Option 2 (First option here was a broga session but with the 5k crowd nearby, and grumbling from Weasel, YHC chose Option 2):

Picnic pavilion for Dora – Partner runs to the top of Hamburglar Hill and performs 1 burpee before running back down:

Merkins x100

BBSUs x200

StepUps x225 (modified due to time)

Mosey to the top of the bridge for crawl bears down so BrownBag could say hi to his daughter manning a table at the Coastal 5k.

Burpees x10 at the bottom of the bridge.

Bear Crawl back to the top and mosey back to the playground for CoT.


-Hightower Fundraiser link coming soon…I promise

-2nd F 1700hrs tonight.  Mini-golf at Mt. Atlanticus. M and 2.0 Friendly

-FreedToBleed – October 30th – Sign up now!  If you can’t find a spot, let me know and I will get a list together so we can add more spots.

-Halloween Costume Convergence – Saturday, Oct 31 at BombSquad 0600 – 2.0 Friendly

-Under The Lights 5k – Conway – Discount Code: F3conway – Dec 9,  1800Hrs (ask Mudslide)

-F3 Foundation GiveToGive Campaign – Donate now

-F3 Nation 10 Year Anniversary – January 15-17 in Wilmington hosted by F3 CapeFear – start making arrangements

Prayers: Spoken and Unspoken


Thanks to all the PAX that braved the barricades and humped it in by foot to make it to the AO…even if you were late.  PAX from as far North as Timeshare in NMB, as far South as Blackbeard in Murrells Inlet and as far West as BombSquad were present today.  Whenever one of our #TripleRespect PAX shows up, that always makes my day so it was great to have #Shrapnel join us!  It was a great time with you all!  Good work!


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