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Workout Date:



Texas Ranger


Spork (AOQ), Beefsteak aka Nueve (2019 #9 Iron Pax), Sade', El Red Cardo, Texas Ranger (YHC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: High 70s and humid

Haven’t Q’d at BS in about a month, so I was about due for one. As usual, I wanted to try something a little different so I thought that it would be a great time to break out the weighted jump ropes that YHC has been using at home during Covid times. Of course, I had no idea how I was going to incorporate this into a group setting, but I’m sure that inspiration will strike. As the group started forming around the flag, we started talking about the upcoming Iron Pax Challenge in September and lucky for us we happened to have a top ten finisher from last year. Sade and Spork joined F3 after last year’s IPC so this will be their first year competing and were eager to find out the details.

1 minute warning





20 Windmills IC

20 Imperial Walkers IC


15 LBAC reverse IC

Mosey around the AO to the beautifully manicured coupon pile (#CouponPileEnvy). Grab a big boy coupon, no need for pavers anymore, since BS finally graduated to the big boys (trying to be like the Village I see) and mosey to the furthest corner of the big parking lot.

Four Corners:

Corner 1 – Lets start off easy… 10 merkins on the block and then a lap around the parking lot, plank on the 6. Not quite happy with the leisurely pace of the lap, I decided to turn it up a notch and turn it into a sprint by just sprinting to the front. Luckily that got the competitive juices flowing with this bunch as they all raced back to the corner. No need to plank on the 6.

Mosey to corner 2

Corner 2 – Let’s build off of corner 1. Do a merkin on the block, then stand up and 1 upright row x 10 OYO. LAP Race around the lot. This is where Beefsteak decided to flex his IPC skills on the group, but Sade, ERC, and Spork are no slouches and were up to push the pace.

Mosey to next station

Corner 3 – Let’s build some more: merkin on the block, upright row, and then add a thruster x 10 OYO. Race around the lot and plank on the 6. Mosey to next corner.

Corner 4 – Since Spork was nursing an injury, I decided to modify the last corner so that he could finish strong. 10 squats with the block, 10 big boys, and then 10 flutter kicks while pressing the block.

Mosey to the baseball field concession stand.

Ring of Fire:

Got to the concession stand where I had strategically placed a 0.5 lb jump rope and 1 lb jump rope much to the surprise of the PAX. We would each get a chance on the rope and would be the “counter” for the rest of the group.

Round 1: 

Counter – 100 skips with 0.5lb rope (every 20th skip the group will do a burpee)

Group – High Knees (1 burpee every 20th skip)

Rotate so each man has a chance as the counter.

Round 2:

Counter – 50 skips with 1 lb rope

Group – Holds plank (1 merkin every 10th skip)

Rotate around the ring

Round 3: 

Counter – 50 skips with 1 lb

Group – AMRAP flutter kicks while pressing the block (1 BBSU every 10th skip)

Had plans for a 4th round, but we ran out of time. I’ll just have to pocket that one for a rainy day. If you’ve never tried weighted jump ropes, definitely try it out! Take the blocks back to the coupon pile. 

5 Min. of Mary: 

Crunchy Frogs x 15 IC (TR)

Dying Cockroaches x 15 IC (Sade)

Box Cutters x 15 forward IC and 15 reverse IC (ERC)

Hello Dolly x 15 IC (Spork)

Stretches (Beefsteak)



Count-O-Rama: 5


Announcements: 2.0 workouts have started for the summer, check slack for more details! AO challenge is still going on. IPC is happening in September so sign up. Freed to Bleed has been set for Oct 30 (12pm to 6pm) at the Carolina Forest Community Center. Check Slack for more details. You can sign up/reserve a time online or on the red cross app.

Prayer requests: Unspoken


As always, an honor to lead.

– Texas Ranger

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