Sliders, not the burger’s

Sliders, not the burger’s

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Castaway, Drifter, Rockytop, Cyclone, Candycane (AOQ), Pikachu ((QIC), Co-3rd FQ)

The Thang:

So this month will be fun. No one can catch Candycane and we’ll it’s a race for second place. Anyone that knows me, knows I scheme and have a plan. I’ve been waiting to bring my new stuff to the plank. No idea how this would work (as usual for me) but I knew I wanted to give it a try. I bought some sliders and I wanted to test my core strength so today was the day. I tried to hype up the workout the day before but apparently the pax didn’t want to try new things so. I was running a bit behind today so the one minute warning was given as I walked across the parking lot. YHC took everyone to the field to warm up as I don’t understand why everyone wants to warm up at the entrance.

  1. Plank Slider. Castaway asked what these were as I described the ridiculousnesses and told him it was called the….well anyway. P1 Plank pull across the field starting at the goal like while P2 mosey to the opposite goal line, pick up where P1 left off and switch across the entire field.
  1. Miyagi Wax on/Wax off, P1 plank pull 10 yards, hold plank and do 10 arm circles left then right arm until P2 returns which mosey to 50, back to goal line, back to P1 and switch. This was completed until we got to the 50 then switched sides and finished on the opposite goal line
  1. Slider Climbers (Mtn Climbers on sliders) 200 2Ct, P2 mosey to 50 and back. These required some core and leg strength.
  1. One arm Slider pull 100 single Ct. Knees on ground, right arm on slider is stationary, left arm slides straight out and pull straight back and switch arms. Chest touches the ground. P2 mosey to 50 and back. 
  1. Double arm slider 50 Single Ct, Both hands on sliders, extend arms straight out until chest touches ground and pull straight back. P2 mosey to 50 and back.  50 of these was more than enough.
  1. 2 minutes left, great, told Pax we got time for one more quick exercise. 4 rounds. Start in plank, cross arm under the body. P2 mosey to the 20 and back. 


Count 6


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