Spartan Crash Course

Spartan Crash Course

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Fergie, Headgear, Drifter, Pikachu

The Thang:

YHC has signed up for a Spartan Race that is now less than 10 days out. This seemed like a great reason to shake up the Q a bit and get a little creative with a Spartan Themed workout.

I arrived at the AO plenty early to stash some surprises around the gloom, but I was not the first one there. Headgear and Drifter were already doing a prerun and Fergie had already prepositioned the coupons for me (Thanks for the assist Fergie!)

We all met up at the flag and were joined by Pikachu who has become a regular at Warthog recently. As 5:15 rolled around we started with some warmups (SSH, Merkins, Imperial Walkers, LBAC) while we waited to see if anyone else would arrive late. It looked like we were it, so we took off for a Mosey to the parking garage.

Upon arrival at the garage we found the block pile that Fergie had prepositioned. This is where the obstacles started. First obstacle was to mimic the ”log carry” that Spartan races tend to use. Everyone was to Rifle Carry a coupon while we climbed the stairs to the upper deck of the parking garage.

At the top of the garage we did walking lunges to the second obstacle, which simulated the barbed wire crawl. Cones were placed across the parking deck, connected by duct tape, which provided some ”barbed wire” to climb under.

After that it was time to carry. We took turns carrying a weighted bucket to the end of the parking deck and back as well as a heavy weighted sandbag. Spartan Races have a bucket carry and an Atlas Ball Carry. The heavy sandbag was probably a comparable weight to the Atlas Ball, but not nearly as awkward to pick up. If you were not carrying, you were doing burpees. Everyone should have hit at least 30 burpees.

Next up was the Hercules’ Hoist. A rope was used to hoist a weighted sand bag from the 3rd deck up to the 4th deck.

Once the hoist was complete it was time to run to the end of the parking deck to do a wall jump (at the small wall) before jumping back over (at the larger part of the wall).

This ended our parking deck visit and we rifle carried the blocks back down to the garage. Then it was time to mosey to the ball field.

YHC had prepositioned a rope climb at the same spot that was tried out a couple weeks ago. If you weren’t actively climbing the rope, you held plank.

After the rope climb it was time for the spear throw, which involved throwing a wooden broom handle into a haybail. If the spear stuck, you were good. If not, 30 burpees.

Everyone did 30 burpees.

Pikachu was quick to point out that it was an ”impossible task” because although the broom handle had a shaved wooden tip, it should have had a better metal tip. YHC countered that we cannot really blame the tip when the spear isn’t even making contact with the hay bail. YHC then proceeded to stick his next two throws, just to show it can be done.

We finished up with a cool down mosey to the picnic tables with a five minute round of Mary before making it back to the COT.

Announcements: Dec 3rd convergence and Christmas party. Chad 1000 this Saturday. Also, Scavenger hunt is upcoming, check slack for details. Also, please make an effort to donate a Chistmas shoe box!

Prayers were given to the Pax and their families, as well as safety for everyone traveling for the upcoming holidays.