#SpiritFingers and a Powerful COT!

#SpiritFingers and a Powerful COT!

Workout Date:



Rousey (Respect / 3F Co-Q)


Shoeless (2x Respect), Kiwi (Super duper 2x Respect), Manziel (Respect), Prefontaine (Respect), Sleepy. Karma, Blooper, Billboard (Respect - Salty Gears AOQ), Fergie (WartHog AOQ), Headgear (Nant'an) and QIC

The Thang:

Conditions: High 60s, sun peeking through rain clouds, rain earlier, and a slightly soggy field (causing a mental audible to do our WODs at Valor Park).

YHC (QIC)’s monthly trek (outside of his normal Saturday AO) to Q and/or post…and so it was honor to be able lead the #HIM at F3 GrandStrand’s “flagship” #Warthog (WH) this morning.  YHC deducing that OneCall would be the #BombSquad AO mystery fill in Q (across town) and with that drawing huge number of Pax by his sheer charisma, 18″ biceps and his tattoos (ask him about it sometime and poof his shirt comes off — M and shortie’s names, American flag, cross, bible verses and veiled reference to his love triangle with Bling and Valvano!). So, YHC had to think outside of the box and readied two #crowdpleasers in my #weinke that I hoped would leave no doubt with the #WH crew that they had endured a Rousey style beatdown!

Prior to the beatdown a few of us pre-rucked w/ sandbag 2 miles (Warbird Park and back w/ light PT).  They were Crocket (a newer Pax that YHC EHd at work — arguably the only Pax here that has been in a real gunfight), Headgear (who constantly trains and spends undisclosed amount of money for a gunfight — its gonna happen any day brother…stay hard ready!), Manziel (south, not to be confused w/ Manziel north #HIM who posts at #Timeshare…Manziel Southie has kicked arse ever since moving here from Raleigh and part of YHC’s SL crew), and Fergie (a lover first, fighter next and connoisseur of high end white t-shirts).  Crocket had to jet before the beatdown to teach a CWP class — check him out if you’re interested (pistol and rifle)!

7 other Pax showed up – Karma (bundled up, but still looking chiseled), Blooper (strong looking Oyster Pax that YHC met at the inaugural F3 Flag Football game), Sleepy (wide awake, chipper friendly, always encouraging asking about my 2.0 King James and his football games), Shoeless (2x Respect – #accelerating), Prefontaine (Respect – #getting better), Kiwi (Respect – stalwart ready to offer timely sagely advice), Billboard (Respect – as usual looking strong, growing out his hair…salt and pepper flowing while we ran) and the rest (who got their nods above).  F3 mission, disclaimer, #mumblechatter, typical F3GS warm up, mosey to Valor Park (w/ the crew lugging one of the #crowdpleasers  – #coupon duo of 60# sandbag and bucket…handle-less w/ 60# of sand n crap) and YHC explained the #weinke.


SEGMENT 1: DORA 1-2-3 manner, the crew paired up and completed the following:

  1. 125 Merkins.
  2. 125 4-ct. Flutterkicks; once completed 20 Burps ea. pair and then hold Plank.

*As one Pax did the exercise, the other ran down the sidewalk, took a left into the VP walkway, halfway through the portico, return to starting point and tag your partner to switch out.

SEGMENT 2: DORA 1-2-3 manner, the crew paired up and did the following:

  1. 125 Jump Squats w/ 2 hands touching the ground.
  2. 125 4-ct. American Hammers; once completed 20 Burps ea. pair and then hold Plank.

*As one Pax did the exercise, the other ran down the sidewalk, took a left into the VP walkway, halfway through the portico, return to starting point and tag your partner to switch out.

**Bucket and Sandbag protocol:  As the pairs completed each group of exercises, ea. Pax would (in lieu of running) either walk the bucket to the same turnaround point and back or (as a respectable modifier) carry the sandbag same distance.  Then pass the #coupons down to the next pair.  #Crowdpleasers here!!

BONUS: Gun Disarm

  1. QIC taught Pax how to do a “body middle” pistol disarm technique.  QIC went through the difference between Strategy, Tactics and Techniques — if you find your self at the “technique” level, sh$t has really hit the fan.  Pax were quick studies and ea. Pax had a few turns doing the technique as we had 2 trainer guns.  We used our “spirit fingers” and other sub-techniques to create additional stimuli for the attacker to mentally process that bought us an extra half second to execute the disarm technique!
  2. QIC demoed 2 more techniques — “head high” and “back middle”.
  3. QIC also went over the “3 Ss” (strategy level) that will mitigate / prevent 90% of potential violent encounters — they are stay away from Stupid people, Stupid places and Stupid times…simple aye!

Bring all the #coupons and #trainers back to COT…and time!

COR – 11
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.
BOM by Kiwi – thanks brother!

Announcements: Check out F3 GrandStrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  F3 Republic and F3 GrandStrand “ugly Christmas sweater” annual convergence this Saturday in Conway at #TheNuthouse AO 6 – 7 — click HERE for details.  Lots of things going on in all Fs!  Get plugged in!!

NMMS 1: All put in strong work and YHC appreciates the flexibility from the Pax to do a beatdown plus a little #JudeeChop (click HERE for details) — hopefully we’ll relaunch Summer 22.

NMMS 2: Manziel S. teed up / played a powerful video re: the struggles men face and the importance of reaching out to your fellow Pax who might be at wits end especially during this season.  #NOOYO.  Check out F3’s Mental Battle crew for encouragement, inspiring stories and podcasts — amazing work here!  Tears shed at the WH COT this morning.  Never rush the COT in general…aye!!

Honor to lead!



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