Stargazing and Ant Killing

Stargazing and Ant Killing

Workout Date:


Kiwi / Bling (listed by importance)


Hoser, One Call, Penelope

The Thang:

The weather was crystal clear with a full moon lighting our way and it was if we were kids waiting to see Santa flying through the sky but being as its still not even Thanksgiving we had to be satisfied with One Call kicking Fire Ants into Bling’s pants and stars, moon, satellites and other celestial bodies.

The Thang – Waverucker

All were hyped up as we arrived – myself first in anticipation of putting Bling down but to my chagrin he didn’t show up until just before one minute warning and Hoser has been designated by the fire department as their new anti-bullying champion he said I had to leave Bling alone or face be called out on social media so off we went…

So Bling wouldn’t cry me a river I said he could lead the ruck and off we went. All were excited to hear the 26 mile Star course stories and since I unfortunately missed it due to a stomach bug I was as excited as the rest.

The stories started flowing out of Penelope upon turning out of the parking lot with how Flop almost caused him to die with poor water advice. Penelope went on to talk about Flop’s immediate need for a nap after the ruck & prior to dinner and then how they all left his Aunt Lily eating by herself after they rudely all wolfed down their food. During talk of this great meal Penelope had to bring up how Rousey’s index toes ??? Hoser (being a trained fireman) and knowing all the technical names of human digits provided to the PAX that this toe’s official name is the “Piggy That Stayed Home” so Penelope excepted this but then went into detail with Rousey’s feet problems, gangrene toes, and missing toe nails.

Luckily at this point the conversation turned toward the actual rucking course – tough bridges and the fact that they never even saw Go Ruck headquarters which was disappointing to all. The only caveat to this was that Penelope elaborated greatly on the fact they started at a cross-fit gym and so during their extensive breaks they could ogle the cross-fit girls and how good looking they all were.

We continued to follow some crazy meandering course through Market Common lead by Bling who continually was getting lost but finally ended up (got lucky) headed towards warbird park. During the long straight away down Farrow Parkway we learned of One Call’s disturbing child hood that started much like Jeffrey Dalmer’s but instead of killing and eating people – One Call’s bloodlust was toward frying ants (we never asked if he ate them after cooking them) and this discussion set One Call’s hatred of ants off again with him crazily starting to kick every fire ant pile within site of the farrow parkway sidewalk (42 at last count). He even went as far as to kick mounds into each other to see if the ants would fight – pretty crae crae. Unfortunately for Bling – he ended up in front of One Call for a particularly vicious spree of kicking fire ant mounds resulting in – what the rest of us could only guess were Ants in Bling’s pants or perhaps Bling just needing to scratch his ass – none not even Hoser had the courage to ask this.

Well as you can tell up until warbird park this Ruck was fairly out of hand and I told Bling it was time I took over and this is where we all took a moment to relax and gaze up into the sky while relaxing momentarily to admire God’s sky including the full moon, stars or were they planets, satellites – we weren’t sure but it was mighty relaxing and nice to have a small break.

Well all good things have to come to and end. At this point- Bling begged to again take over the ruck which because I am such a nice guy and because he is so intimidated by me – I let him. We headed straight down Farrow Parkway ending a few minutes early because Bling needed to find a bathroom (ants or something else in his pants).


Announcements – Rockin Around the Forest Festival & 5 Km – December 10 followed by the Scavenger PAX and M scavenger hunt – reserve your spot!

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

Christmas Party – December 3

Prayers for PAX traveling this week, for the country and this election, and unspoken.

Honor to Lead with my brother Bling – let it be known he asked me to do the BB 🙂