Starting Position Move

Starting Position Move

Workout Date:





Viagra (respect), Chicken little, Beaker

The Thang:

Arrived to an empty lot 05:00
Winky ready
Weather 67 cool breezy perfect
Chicken little & viagra coming in hot
3Min warning beaker arrived!


Proper Disclaimer – focusing on good alignment – I have work to do but focusing!

15 IW
20 TTT
20 SSH
Plank Stretch Right over left ankle right arm in the air for a 10 count & Reverse
22 Merkins

Toy soldier down parking lot
Sprint back
Karoke down & back

Mosey to find missing coupons
Negative- covered under someone’s aluminum scrap pile
Mosey to Barber shop for a Landscaping Paver fill in for lost blocks per beaker
20 curls
20 Tricep extensions
20 bend over rows
20 Paver block swings
20 Overhead presses

Mosey to Hillside & Main corner
20 Jump squats
Mosey to Hillside & 2nd avenue South corner
20 Tempo squats
Mosey to Ocean blvd & 2nd avenue corner
20 Flutter kicks
Mosey to Main & Ocean blvd
20 Shoulder Taps IC

Viagra Tapped out into a flying elvis mode at the horseshoe
We continued with step ups awaiting his return
was a quick turnaround- I call it a Pinch & Run!

Mosey to Ocean blvd & 4th ave. North
20 LBC’s
Jump the fence’s All 6 and then back- fyi no one hurdled them #Goals #NobrokenAnkle

Mosey to Hillside & 3rd ave. North

Mosey to Ocean blvd. & 2nd ave.
20 Mountain climbers IC

Mosey to Main & Ocean blvd
20 Heels to heaven IC

Mosey to Ocean blvd. & 2nd ave.South
20 OYO Sumo squats

Mosey to Hillside & 2nd ave.South
50 OYO calf raises on curb

Mosey to Wall
Grab a piece of wall

Hold wall while 1 pax does 10 merkins
All Pax do the merkins

Mosey to AO

Focusing on the proper counting procedure this am as we have slipped some on doing this which is very important to helping new pax learn the exercises and create the proper momentum.

Prayed us out
Thanking God for the strength to be in the gloom with my brothers and looking forward to the growth at the North expansion.

Aye Out!


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