Stretching the legs

Stretching the legs

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With our upcoming GrowRuck weeks away at the end of April, the Waverucker crew has been pushing on the gas with intense workouts- not only on Wednesdays, but Monday at EM as well.  This Grandstrand crew will be ready to tackle whatever the Cadres throw at us in a few weeks!  With that in mind, and the training session this coming Saturday morning, I wanted to give the boys an easier workout today with some longer miles and PT built in.

Alerted the crew that rucks only would be needed and that miles would be conquered.  Weather was 60 and clear, moon was awesome this am.  Pulled in hot at 0429 with a quick 1 minute warning with the boys more ready than I was!   Lets go.

Made our way thru the woods on the trail, past the new VA and the DMV to the backside of the airport.  Stopped at the oval “track” near the Police station for our 1st PT.  DORA- pair up, I will go solo with odd #

Round 1

1- run the 300 meter track

2- overhead ruck hold- then switch

Round 2

1- run the 300

2- farmer hold both rucks- switch

Round 3

1- run the 300

2- flutters holing ruck- switch

Ruck up- onward we go.  down into MC, around the neighborhoods and into the large deck up to the top.  Next round of PT- same DORA as prior/above.  substitute the run for the flight of stairs at the top.

Ruck up- back down Farrow to the corner of Forbus/Farrow for final round of PT.  Drop rucks for suicides.  Using the 1st 3 light poles- run down and back to each.  with only 5 minutes of fun time left, we overhead carried rucks down Forbus to cars.  Enough!  TIME!

Announcements- GrowRuck, Training, Free to Bleed, Hancher Bikes.

Prayers- PAX out sick/injured, Soto family to Charleston today, unspoken.

Honor Gents

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