Taking the “Modified” out of Catapult

Taking the “Modified” out of Catapult

Workout Date:



Kiwi (respect X2)


Hedgehog, Vroom, Crabs, Spork, First Base, Killington, O’Douls (AOQ), Kiwi

The Thang:

AO: Catapult

Conditions:  The highest humidity I have felt this summer and thunderstorms cranking up at 5:30 AM. Temperature: 80  As we started the Thunder and Lightning was going off in the distance but since Lightning rod Pikachu was a no show we weren’t overly concerned and it seemed that the good Lord was holding off the rain for us.

YHC’s motivation for this Q was pretty low, first and foremost I knew it was a tough Q because I had experienced it but I was also coming off a long road trip driving back from a fly out to Little Rock, AR to meet my daughter.  14 hour drive on Sunday to early Monday morning. So Tuesday came early and humid.  This group of HIM offered a variety of conditioning and experience but was up for a challenge with all weathered even Vroom who just started a few weeks ago but who had been hitting it hard.

5:29 – 1 minute warning

5:30 Proper Disclaimer and mission statement of F3

Warm up

TTT – 20

Windmills – 10

Harry Rockettes – 15 ( I had been practicing my cadence in front of the TV and all were amazed at the improvement – good mumble chatter on this one)

LBAC -F – 14

OVC – 15

Seal Claps – 15

LBAC – R – 15

SSH – 20

Head to Block pile for coupon and then to first station over by recreation center.

The Thang – I had picked up this workout from one of my DR visits to Winston Salem and thought I would spring it on the guys.  I changed up the number of reps and exercises so there was some mumble chatter that there was to many of some but no mumble chatter that there was not enough of any so I knew I was on target.

This work out is for each individual but done in three groups with two stations.  The idea is that one group starts at first station other two groups mosey to other station where the same exercises are performed with third group moseying back to relieve first group and then a round robin of one group at each station with the a group moseying all the time.  This creates a scenario where there is basically no rest other than about a 150 yard mosey.

Exercises to be completed at two stations with every PAX doing all exercises (as far as they could get) to the best of their ability and at their own pace. The idea is that you will not complete exercises at one station but just continue where you left off at next station once you have moseyed.  We counted off 1,2,3 with

  • First Base, Vroom, and Kiwi in one group
  • O’Douls, Hedgehog, Killington in one group
  • Spork and Crabs in one group

The groups only serve the purpose of having two at stations and one moseying all the time.

Exercises ( everyone worked very hard but I don’t think any one PAX completely finished all exercises. All were allowed to modified per the F3 edicts as they saw fit – individually.

25 Burpees (or CAT Burps)  – in the humidity this was a butt kicker to start out with I was breathing hard after about 15 but all powered through!

25 Bobby Hurleys

50 Block Squats

50 Hand release Merkins – not a favorite of mine but always an ass kicker

75 Lunges – started as two count but I modified midstream for time

75 Carolina Dry Docks

100 curls for Girls

100 Flutters (2C)

75 Heels to Heaven

50 SSH

25 Lion Kings (block preferred – only a few got here)

650 exercises if you finish all in about 35 minutes

I think there were a few who if they didn’t finish came real close I personally got to the SSHs.  The front end of this workout offers very little respite and you really get the lungs going with the burpees, BHs, and Block squats!

All got better – some mumble chatter that there were to many reps to finish at one station but that was not the goal it was to move between the two stations and finish at your own speed.  I might modify lunges to single count or less reps but overall I was pleased with the effort of all the HIM and myself.

We wrapped it up with about 5 minutes left to get blocks back, announcements – last 2.0 workout tonight at Waterway Palms – slack for more info.  Spork announced F3 Father Son/Daughter camp at Lake Wiley – right now just a couple signed up and fall 2.0 camping trip – more details to come.



YHC prayed us out with spoken and unspoken prayers

Moleskin:  This type of Beatdown where Weinke is written on cardboard and posted at both stations is a good one for new Qs because it doesn’t require you to recall all that you did, count cadence, or announce exercises since the beat down is already written down for PAXs.  It takes a lot of pressure off the Q since he is just another PAX encouraging others and watching the final clock.  It offers a good workout of arms, legs, core and cardio since there is literally no break once you have started it – It also lets more fit PAX work hard and less fit PAX do their best building up to full strength.

Honored to Lead!






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