Teaming up for success…and the suck

Teaming up for success…and the suck

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Waverucker Wednesday- time to get at it again.  With the region being awarded the GrowRuck for April (nice work Headgear) we have switched into “training mode”!   Waverucker has been a great and tough workout for preparing us all for GoRuck events the last 3-4 years.  There is nothing we cant handle when we all work together- and today was no different.

So as I prepared my Q, I wanted to give some details and instruction to the new guys facing their 1st event in a few months, and also ask the vets to push themselves and others for success.  thanks to all for the coupons-  here is what we had today. all stacked nicely in parking lot in GoRuck formation!

2-man log (about 120 pounds- although we need to weigh this!)

100 pound bag

5 60 pound bags

Semi-disclaimer given,  lets not get hurt pushing ourselves.  rucks on, meet at the track for warmup.

1/2 lap fast ruck, 1/2 lap mosey.  then 1/2 lap overhead hold, 1/2 lap farmer carry.  stay together- nice work!

back to the lot- partner up.  each 2 man team grab a 60 pounder (no 40’s allowed) and head to the other side of the lot- where the grass was dry and Fergie wouldn’t get his shoes and white shirt dirty.  Modified Jerome Gonzalez workout:

partner #1- grab both rucks farmer carry and the 60 on shoulders and walk 25 yards- drop bag on ground, drop both rucks at 50 yards and mosey back to partner #2.  Fireman carry (proper demo given) and carefully carry #2 25 yards to bag.  drop partner and grab 60 and walk to rucks.  grab both rucks again and farmer carry with 60 back to start.  partner #2 assisting and pushing you thru.

switch partners.  Great work by all, finished that round in 5:25.  we can do better for round 2!  I gave limit of 5 minutes- asking team to shave 25 seconds off.  great push by all-  round 2 done in 4:25!  that is a great time and that modified workout is brutal.

back to the coupons- line up again properly.  went over the next movement and details.  we would take the 2 man log and 100 pounder (shoulder killer) around the lake at 1.1 miles.  (closer to 1.4 from lot). went over proper switching on the log (smart PAX) and also the 100- this switch is a little harder to master.  With all info given and no issues- off we went.  great work moving around the 1.1- I started the timer at the bridge-  finished in 20:20 with a solid pace.  some issues with switching and teammates that we smartly worked out ahead of 2nd lap.  I asked team to make this lap in 19 minutes, shaving 1:20 off-  and gave team a minute or 2 to figure out how best to handle.   Love listening to all the guys work thru problems and find solutions- a huge advantage heading into GoRuck events.

needless to say, they smoked this lap- finishing in an incredible 14:25!   few items to note for future events/workouts:

  1.  team up smarter- height, weight,  strength.
  2. talk- thinking 2-3 minutes ahead with switching and placement in formation
  3. pushing the pace when possible- I mentioned when Hoser and OC are on the log we should try and mosey a bit.  (that turned into each team on the log pushing the pace!)
  4. no heroes- know your limits

Hoser-  stud

OC- insight and example to all

Lombardi- minus the language,  you always give 100

Geno- I know we all make fun of you, but when you do show you are awesome

Fergie- continues to get better and will crush this event

Boxcar- solid leadership coming thru- sorry we left the 40 pounder out…..

Brady- love the enthusiasm, please keep pushing and showing up

weedeater- nothing to add here, you rock everything.

Grease Monkey- freakin strong.  I think if you can stop talking you can get more done.   #littleJingles

Headgear- little piece of iron- love watching you carry Boxcar with little effort.



took a few minutes at the end to review and open the discussion to the group.  walked back to lot and prayed out. thanks for letting me lead.


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