That’s The Devil’s Music

That’s The Devil’s Music

Workout Date:





Bling, Boxcar, Geno, Fergie, BradyBunch, Hoser, Lombardi, CottonCandy, Valvano, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: WaveRucker

Conditions: 78 degrees.  91% Humidity

If you have never put on a ruck, backpack or weight vest and posted to WaveRucker, you are missing out.  It’s a great time covering 1st and 2nd F.  You won’t break.  If you can run, you can ruck.  Doesn’t have to be anything heavy.  Yes, I am talking to you.  The workouts can be brutal and so can the fellowship.  There is always good mumble chatter here…at least until you throw some heavy PT in the mix.  YHC was due for a WaveRucker Q but kinda disappointed when he found out OneCall was ducking him…or having to get on the road for work…whatever.  Got my random playlist so here we go!

The Thang:

Rucks off – Mosey 1 lap around the track.

Rucks and Sandbags – Ruck to the bridge at the lake.  Sandbags off.

Ruck 1 lap around the lake at Valvano pace.

Pick up Sandbags and ruck toward SE Corner of Valor Park.

12 min AMRAP of Ruck PT: (borrowed from the Sandbag/Ruck Training program by Cadre DS)

12 Ruck Swings

12 Jumps over ruck

6 L/R Single Arm Ruck Overhead Press

About 5-6 rounds of this and CottonCandy pulls up just as the 12 minutes is up.

Rucks and Sandbags for 1 lap around ValorPark

Rucks and Sandbags off to run 1 lap around ValorPark

Rucks on and up the parking garage.  Down the stairs then to the Deville St parking garage and up and around.

Rucks off to run 1 lap around the top deck of the Deville St garage.

Rucks on to head down Deville St and right on Hackler back to our sandbags.

5 minutes of Sandbag PT:

12 Sandbag Squats

4 L/R Sandbag Getups

4 Sandbag Burpees

After 1 round this was quickly modified to (The Q must be able to read the PAX and modify on the fly…PAX weren’t moving so):

8 Sandbag cleans

8 Sandbag deadlifts

Or just keep moving (Two tidbits:  Jocko’s message that Disconnect sent me: “What Are You Doing. What Are You Doing Right Now.”  And another I picked up somewhere, “Always be working.  Be an asset.”  Applied here, just keep moving heavy stuff…we’re all tired.  I don’t really care what exercises you do at this point.  Just keep moving)

Rucks on, Sandbags on and move back to the lake and across the bridge when YHC found another sandbag…hmmm??? Turns out Hoser was light during this workout.

Sandbags down and ruck half lap around the lake.

Sandbags and Rucks back to the imaginary shovel flag.


Geno Prayed us out.


Great work men!  Overall, covered just over 4 miles.  CottonCandy, thanks for showing up.  That was a great story about your dog.  Hope he didn’t eat your homework too.  Boxcar, you should just bring a giant bag of flour instead of buying a sandbag.  Or you can just build one with the shovel, black trash bag and duct tape like Valvano mentioned.  You don’t need to go to Lowes, I have all that stuff in my truck. Geno, what can I say…glad you made it out to a WaveRucker Wednesday.  Must be because YHC was on Q.   Fergie, ask Boxcar for an extra bag of flour.  Hoser, sorry you lost your sandbag but I’m glad you found it before we went back to the imaginary flag.  Lombardi, you’re a stud.  Keep grinding!  You can pray us out any day!  Just wanted to be sure Geno felt included today. BradyBunch, great work! Anyone that says they “love rucking” is nuts.  Bling, I’d really like to know more about this video game school you are running.  Valvano, thanks for setting the pace for us.  You make it look effortless.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead!

-Headgear Out!!!!

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