The Avista Ascent

The Avista Ascent

Workout Date:





Beaker, Weasel, Hall Pass (Irmo) Viagra QIC

The Thang:

Rolled in at 5:10 to see Beaker and Weasel there.  Hall Pass soon rolls in.  I was under the impression we were getting rain this morning so I had Parking deck plans.

Time to go

20 TTT IC, 15 Good Mornings IC, 20 IW’s IC, LBAC’s 10 forward, 10 reverse, 10 overhead.

Let’s Mosey!  Off to 2nd Ave. and Ocn. Blvd for 20 Monkey Humpers OYO.

Mosey to the Avista for the good stuff.

We started on ground floor.  Each level we would increase the designated exercise by 5 and bear crawl up first ramp and run backwards up next.  This was done on each level.  Went as follows:

ground 10 Burpees

1 – 15 BB situps

2 – 20 Jump Squats

3 – 25 Merkins

4 – 30 Flutter kick

5 – 35 Squats

6 – 40 Carolina DD’s

7 – 45 LBC’s

We then made it to the top where we did some pax choice.  Pax calls out exercise then runs to end of deck while rest of pax do excercise of choice.  We completed 2 round of assorted stuff like Hello Dollies, Squat thrusts, American Hammers, Hold plank.  Others I don’t recall because that was 4 days ago and the retention isn’t quite as sharp as it was. lol..

Mosey back to 2nd and Ocn. Blvd. for 20 Derkins on fence. Incline Merkins were a modification option which was used by some.

Time was closing so we mosied to the Horshoe for 20 Step ups OYO.

Mosey back to AO. Time!!

YHC prayed us out.

Always fun and a privilege to lead.


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