The Axe and Accountability!

The Axe and Accountability!

Workout Date:



Rousey (Respect and Co 3FQ)


Cheesy Biscuit, Billboard (Salty Gears AOQ), Fergie (WH AOQ) and QIC

The Thang:

Conditions: Low 80s, not as muggy as it could be mid-summer in SC, dark initially at Forbus Ct.

YHC (QIC)’s monthly trek (outside of his normal Saturday AO) to Q and/or post…and so it was honor to be able to lead the #HIM at F3 GrandStrand’s “flagship” #Warthog (WH) this morning.  YHC went with a #weinke that would be slightly difficult (but possible) to complete in the time allowed for a Saturday beatdown.  It would however be a “you vs. you” so if you didn’t manage to complete all rounds described below, you’d still be a winner (in a non finisher kind of way)…makes perfect sense. The #weinke was the “The Axe” hero WOD, part of the Murph “plus” WOD circuit that YHC rarely gets to do because the Murph (and its never ending Pull ups, Merks, and Squats) is enough for this Respect guy.

YHC (after an initial pre-run) met up with Fergie at 0630 for a combo 3F and light 1F “moving” Q-Source where we talked through “Accountability” (Q2.5) specifically blind spots and how ShieldLocks and the like are so important to the #HIM in #accelerating. And we solved other manner of worldly problems!

While there were several vehicles at Forbus Ct. (with F3 stickers) already present (they being the #Saltygears crew), it was apparent that it was just gonna be YHC and Fergie this morning. Strong Q’s were taking place across the region — Headgear at #BS, Slaughter at #TS and the launch of #Sandlot on the south end. No worries and all good. Fergie (after explaining the Axe) suggested we move to another parking lot (the field was soggy and Forbus is well treacherous). The walk to the parking lot (totting sandbags along the way) became our warm up and we went directly in the Axe and did this:

The Axe:

  1. 800M run.
  2. 25 Bodybuilders – Burpee w/ distinct Merkin and Plank Jack.
  3. 25 4-ct. Flutter Kicks.
  4. 25 Double Leg raises.
  5. Aussie Pullups w/ weight vest modified to 200M Sandbag Carry.
  6. 25 Squats.
  7. 25 Merkins.
  8. 25 Heels to Heavens.
  9. 25 Hello Dollies.
  10. 200M Sandbag Carry.
  11. 25 Merkins.
  12. 800M run.

Goal of 2 Rounds.

The 1600M (in total) run between rounds 1 and 2 were a #crowdpleaser and prevented Fergalicious and I from doing 2 full rounds in our time allotted. Billboard and Cheesy (having finished their #SG ride) joined us during round 1. The other riders, Shoeless and Whittle, had already participating in the #Sandlot workout and rode on — but nice to see them!

0750 was a hard stop and the crew made their way back to the Shovel Flag and COT. QIC led the Pax in a quick stretch / cool down and reiterated the lessons learned in Q-Source Accountability.


COR – 5 (Manziel S. joined us at the end after biking 1,000+ miles)
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.

Announcements: A ton of awesome stuff continually put on by the F3GS 21-22 Shared Leadership Team!  Please get on Slack and see all the amazing events happening now and on the horizon from all the Fs. Freed to Bleed and Pelicans Game towards last week of this month to name a few.

NMMS 1: Strong work today! Fergie thanks for the shared suffering all the way through and your leadership to WH! Tough WOD with the Axe, and YHC can see why it can be both a stand-alone workout or as a primer for the Murph! Think I’ll use it on the #BombSquad crew on Monday (too bad YHC is penning this BB Monday after said BS workout – lol)…and maybe a modified version for #Sharknado on the 27th.

NMMS 2: 5 for Coffeteria where the musings of old men (Cheesy is kind of young tho) occurred and more world problems solved.

NMMS 3: Here is the bio of Navy Seal Matthew Gene Axelson (EOW 6/28/2005 in Operation Redwings) — American hero and certified bada$$ here!

Honor to lead!