“The Don King”

“The Don King”

Workout Date:





ERC, Spork, Rubber, Skidmark, Sunshine, Beefsteak

The Thang:


Weather… Around 80 and Humid

YHC arrived at the AO around 20 minutes early to scope out how i wanted to set up and see exactly how many coupons i had at our disposal.  The last time YHC Q’d at Bombsquad a lot of the PAX were Sad Clowns because yours truly did not bring tunes.  So before leaving the house, YHC grabbed his Garage Sound Bar and an extension cord and rolled out.  Who needs cordless??  Not this guy!  After setting up my Course and getting the tunes set i head over to the meeting point and find Spork setting out the Shovel Flag and Sunshine greeting the other PAX rolling up.  I had to give warnings to all the PAX that YHC and Headgear have been talking smack and that unfortunately for them YHC had to bring it this morning….. They were not disappointed.   This ones for you Weasel Shaker….

1 Minute Warning- Disclaimer Given  LETS GET IT

Warm- UP

SSH x 20 IC

AST x 20 IC

Tempo Squat x 20 IC

Windmill x 10 IC

TTT x 10 IC

Slow Mosey around outer perimeter of the AO  and head on over to the coupon pile.

DORA-  I asked PAX to partner up and Grab (3) 35lb Coupons per group.  We head over to the start point and here’s what went down…

(50) Squat Press

(100) Kettle Bell Swings

(150) Over Head Press

Partner A starts the 1st round with Squat Press.  Partner B grabs (2) Coupons and Moseys down to end of parking lot and back.  Partner B Picks up count just as with a normal Dora while A Grabs 2 Coupons and makes his way down and back.  Some of you may be thinking “that doesn’t sound terrible”, I highly recommend trying it out.

After completing this we head over to the field for the main event.. Here’s how i set up the course..  From the Fence i took 30 Paces and set a cone, 10 paces set a cone, 10 paces set a cone, 10 paces set a cone, took an additional 30 paces and dropped a marker for the turn around point.  All PAX placed their respective block at the 1st cone and headed back to the starting point at Fence.  Here we go


Take off from Start to 1st Cone (Pax will keep coupon the whole time from 1st – 4th Cone)

1st Cone- 25 x Louganis (With a coupon, hold the coupon overhead at full arm extension and do a big boi situp) – straight from Exicon

2nd Cone- 25 x American Hammers w/ Coupon

3rd Cone- 25 x Heels to Heaven w/ Coupon

4th Cone- 25 x Goblet Squat

After completing 4th Cone PAX dropped coupon and Mosey’d to turn around point and came back to the 4th Cone.

Now complete the exact thing above but in reverse all the way back til all PAX are back at start.


Between All Rounds we took a lap around the baseball field as a cool down lap.

ROUND 2- Same as Round 1 but with no Coupon (Louganis becomes just a Big Boi and Goblets become Squats)

ROUND 3- Same as Round 1 But this time carry Coupon to far end and ran it over to coupon pile then returned without.

ROUND 4- Grabbed Remaining Coupons and brought them through for 1/2 of round 4 and returned to pile.

After returning Coupons we headed back to Start with 1 min remaining.


This was a pretty grueling beat down and i don’t think YHC is just trying to blow smoke.  Awesome work by all the men.  It was great to have Rubber out with us and in good spirits.  Was definitely a real motivator  and i think this work out should be called “The Don King” in honor of his Late Father whom just recently passed.  After we finished everyone headed to the Early Start for some Fellowship and Coffee.  We talked about F3 Events, we talked about Rubbers father and how he was the youngest 1 of 13 siblings.  I can only imaging how many cousins rubber has running around the area.  We enjoyed the food which was excellent and ideas were thrown around about opening up our own “Fourth F” (Food.. HAHA!) .  I truly believe that this is what F3 is all about.  Grinding through beat downs together, and then laughing and telling stories after.  YHC is pumped and the boys down at Bombsquad definitely have me motivated for the day.  Get out and Post, Get out and spend time with your brothers.

Announcements:  FREED to BLEED October 30th, 2nd F Outing is September 12th at 810 Bowling Market Common.  F3 Q Source Weekly Meetings w/ Brown Bag every Thursday starting in October.

Prayer Requests:  Rubber’s Father Don and Family, YHC’s M’s close friend Renee Carafano Passed away yesterday at 0100 YHC asks to keep her and her husband Joe Riggs in your thoughts.


In Honor of Donald King

March 24th, 1949- September 1st, 2020

Funeral Service September 5th at 10:30am at North Conway  Baptist Church- 1608 Sessions St. Conway, SC 29526


Honor to Lead, Honor to be a part of F3 Grandstrand


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