The Lines Are Not Your Friend

The Lines Are Not Your Friend

Workout Date:





First Base, Tandem, Speedbump, ERC, O'Douls, Judge Judy

The Thang:

K.I.S.S. Principle today. No cones, no tires and sledgehammers, no frills.

Warm up, take a lap, grab blocks, head to big lot.

First set: 10 curls at line 1, 5 OHP at next line, repeat to end of lot which is 17 lines. Instantly Judge Judy started bitching about the set being a bit ambitious. It wasn’t. Much like waking up at 4:45 to exercise with a bunch of Cro-magnons, it’s easier when you get going. Stop bitching JJ. Embrace your inner animal.

***Big Lap***

Second Set: 10 bent over rows, 1 blockee x 17 lines. Good push here.

***BIg Lap***

Third Set: 5 block merkins, 5 block squats x 17 lines. I was horrified at the form for both exercises from a few guys, but the new, kinder, gentler Crabs didn’t say anything. I’ll just note here that your chest should graze the ground (in this case, block) during a push up. Bending your elbow 10 degrees and grunting is not a pushup. Ditto the squats. You can’t drop your ass 3 inches and call it a squat. But I digress: everyone was out there pushing and breathing hard, which is 1000% better than someone who says screw it and presses snooze.

*** Big Lap***

Fourth Set: 5 Tricep extensions, 3 BBSU x 17 lines. Not gonna say anything about the Tri extensions. Woo-Sahhh.

Here I’ll mention that Mariah Carey oops I mean ERC was singing Christmas music the whole time. I mean, the WHOLE time.

Carry blocks to the Cross, grab a spot of fake grass arms’ length from your neighbor. We did block pull throughs. I saw this on The Youtube and incorporated it into my gym workouts with a kettlebell: . Something different that hits your core, back and a little bit of shoulders all at once. We went til 3 Pax dropped out. I made eye contact with O’Douls and his stare screamed “I’m not dropping out you SOB”. And he didn’t.

Finally, we lined up for some relay sprints. 50 yards apart in 2 groups, sprint to the guy waiting for you at the head of the line, tag him, then he sprints. I mismanaged the time so we only did 2 sprints per guy. The goal was 5 but the big laps took more time than I allotted. Side note, ERC can fly.

Hustle the blocks back, circle up for announcements: build a box for Christmas. See The Slack for details. Blood drive 12/16. Sign up on The Slack. F3 Christmas party 12/3. You know where to go.

Have a great day men