The Magic of the Valley at the Plank!

The Magic of the Valley at the Plank!

Workout Date:



Rousey (Respect and 3rd F Co-Q)


Butch (Twitter Q), Castaway (AOQ), Penelope (Comz Q), and QIC

The Thang:

Conditions: Mid 60s. Very nice…we’ll take it. In about a 45 days it will be sweltering!

YHC (QIC) was honored to be asked by Castaway to lead the men of the Plank (TP) this month and today was the day! YHC’s right knee was still sore / swollen from racing (w/ his 2.0s) in Saturday’s Spartan OCR in Charlotte and had to dial up a #weinke that was tough (for the superfit men of TP), but gave me a modifier. Lets go with the Juarez Valley w/ light running, assorted standard F3 exercises, and a “grind” component for mental challenge.

3 other Pax showed up; F3 mission, disclaimer, #mumblechatter, typical F3GS warm up, assemble at the Doug Shaw Stadium Football Field goal line and QIC explained the #weinke.

Juarez Valley WOD: The Juarez Valley (JV) – on the Mexico-Texas border – is reportedly a dangerous forty mile stretch of cotton fields and ghost towns.  Just ask Headgear (who is from the region) dodging sicarios that made him the tough hombre he is today!

The JV WOD is like an 11 or 21 circuit.  In this case the total number of reps. for most exercises is 20.  So, we started out down the valley with (A) 19 Merkins (M), (B) 19 Big Boy Sit Ups (BBS), and (C) 19 Squats (S), then (D) Pax choice of either 4 Blockees (B) OR run a lap (L) to the 30Y line and back (or 8 curls if totally gassed).  Then up the valley with 1 M, 1 BBS, 1 S and 4 B or L.  Then back down the valley with 18, 18, 18, and 4 B or L and you guessed it up the valley with 2, 2, 2, and 4 B or L.  We were done when we hit 10 and 10 mark aka the valley floor at 0545.  #Crowdpleaser.

QIC wrapped the crew up w/ 1 round of Ring of Fire Curls where ea. Pax lead 10 reps. IC.  #Notacrowdpleaser. And finally a nod to GrowRuck22 with 30 Flutter Kicks IC w/ block overhead (ruck substitute) sans the sand, surf, cadres barking at us, and being thoroughly tired. #Memorylane.

QIC, as a cool down, lead a quick full body stretch.


COR – 4
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.

Announcements: Check out F3 GrandStrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  1st F, 2nd F and 3rd F stuff galore — get plugged in! Freed to Bleed at end of month and Q-Source has picked back up.

NMMS: All put in strong work and completed the JV WOD!  All agreed that the “grind” of the WOD – especially in the middle – is what makes this the most challenging.  This was not an AMRAP WOD, all reps. were completed.  Magic of the Valley!

Honor to lead!