The more you know…

The more you know…

Workout Date:





Lombardi, Fergie, Valvano, Franklin, Voltron (R, DR - Lexington), Spork, Bling, Jingles(R), Billboard(R), Karma, Sleepy (FNG), Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: 64 degrees and clear

March has been a tough month in terms of filling the Q sheet and Warthog had an open Saturday so YHC went ahead and took it!  Also had an FNG that said he would come out so YHC thought this would be a great way to show him around.  Picked up our FNG at 0647 and got to the AO to see Fergie, Valvano and Franklin getting ready.  Franklin had just run 6 miles after getting a flat tire and being left behind by the SaltyGears crew.  Bling was there too but maintaining #socialdistancing and was stretching out about 20 feet away from the rest of the PAX…maybe it was a #self-quarantine  since we didn’t see his bromance partner, OneCall,  here either and we all know he hangs out in some shady places.  Karma, Jingles and Lombardi showed up but SaltyGears were MIA and so was Quaker.  YHC thought Quaker had HC’d the previous day in the Twitterverse and had to second guess whether that was misinterpreted.  Anyway, 1 minute warning and we’re ready to go!


SSH x19 IC

Merkins x22 OYO

IW x19 IC

TTT x19 IC

Windmills x19 IC

Merkins x19 OYO


Mosey to the bridge

Burpees x19 OYO (Purple Spartan Ultra Shirt joined us and whipped them out wondering why we stopped at 19)

Indian Run around the lake in opposite direction of Spartan so she doesn’t whoop our asses.

Stop at the corner of Forbus and Farrow for Squats x19 OYO

Indian Run to the palm trees


Mosey across Farrow to Valor Park for 4 Corners

Merkins x19 —>Mosey —>Wide Arm Merkins x19 —>Broad Jump —>Dive Bombers x19 —> Mosey —> Diamond Merkins x19 —> Bear Crawl

Squats x19 —>Mosey —> lunges x19 —> Toy Soldier —> Jump Sqauts x19 —> Mosey —> Reverse Lunges x19 —> BearCrawl or Lunge —>

Mosey to parking garage up to the top.

10 minutes of #WarriorYoga #Broga #Soga

Mosey back down the stairs to the bridge.

Toy Soldier the Bridge

Back to the Shovel Flag


FNG – Eric is a Nurse Anesthesiologist so he will be named #Sleepy

Announcements – Dragon Boat needs more teammembers. YHC will be holding two fundraisers coming up soon for the ChangeMakers Class I am part of for our fundraising efforts for Students In Action, a youth leadership organization.  One will be pizza night at our favorite Grand Strand pizza joint, Coast Pizza, and the other will be a hot yoga class at Real Hot Yoga.  Details to come soon!

Praise report – Jingles secured a new position as store manager at Rose’s!

Prayer Requests – Dear Diary of Lexington passed away this week from his battle with cancer.  Prayers for our country and the world dealing with the effects and anxiety stemming from the corona virus. Lombardi led us out in prayer with a strong message of “Have no fear”.


Its been a wild week, actually a wild couple of weeks for many dealing directly with the news of the Corona Virus.  We are all feeling or dealing with the effects differently.  Travel, conferences and vacations have been canceled…people stocking up on toilet paper…???  Standard procedures have been changed.   Many of us have been briefed at on special procedures and restrictions and we are all dealing with it in different ways.  YHC is thankful for the HIM of F3 for all three Fs which have helped me lead my clients this week and guide them.  It has been stressful and I am blessed to be able to do the work I do.  Many of you and others have professions and businesses that are and will be affected differently.  Your fellow PAX are here for you as well.  Today the theme was 19, meant as a beatdown to COVID-19.

The outlet this morning was just what YHC needed.  Having FNG Sleepy out with with us was great.  He is a neighbor of mine and we have run across him during beatdowns while he has been out running and he decided he was ready to join us!  Having Spartan lady join us for burpees was fun.  I have a feeling she could have crushed all of us.  We also saw a lady running up and down #MountMyrtle, aka. #HamburglarHill.  Wonder if she was related to Spartan lady or maybe even Hamburglar. A random guy rolled up on Franklin after CoT for a flying EH.  He saw us working out and his buddies have quit on him.  Adam HC’d for Tuesday.  Franklin and Karma spread some knowledge today about topics that will be left off the back blast.  Franklin also helped the pax understand the workings of interest rate movements in relation to mortgages.  As YHC was ready to put the beatdown on COVID-19, Valvano reminded me that it is Pi-Day and I missed an opportunity to celebrate there..okay brainiac.  It’s always great to have DR PAX come and visit and Voltron did let us know that this #SuperSaturday at #Warthog blew away #EliteFriday at #TheVillage…just saying…#truthnugget.  Anyway, all the PAX crushed it, we did miss Spork, Jingles and Bling since they decided to ride longer than usual but glad they showed for our new modified virtually touchless CoT.

It’s an honor to lead!



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