The Oyster

The Oyster

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Steel Cannon, Bubbles, Karma

The Thang:

After a COP of Burpees, Tempo Merk’s/Squats, My signature baby arm circles/Overhead clap/reverse arm circles/air press and more burpees. We then moseyed to the 4th Ave S beach access ramp. On one side we did hand release merk’s, bear crawled up ramp, did 3 burpees at top of ramp, bear crawled down to the beach and did deep squats. We then ran back over ramp and repeated in sets of 11’s.

We moseyed to the nearby site of the old Ark Plantation. I had some dora work planned but because of time and the number of PAX we circled up and did some mary consisting of holding 6 inches for a minute, pretzel sticks in cadence, then we held low plank for two minutes before moseying back for the COT.

It was a lot of fun and I’m better that I started my day working out and praying with this group of  men! I’m sweating so profusely  as I type this that I’m forced to cut it short and shower.


Good Bless and SYIG!



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