The Return of Beaker Beat Down

The Return of Beaker Beat Down

Workout Date:





Viagra, Beaker, Cubby, Burgundy, Enron

The Thang:

Conditions : 73 Pleasant with less humidity and slight breeze.

I rolled in to the AO and Enron was there and to my surprise Beaker.  We had been waiting his return from IR after a foot injury sustained while playing with his 2.0’s.  He stated that he had run out of Netflix to watch. Claimed he watched everything Netflix had to offer. Never the less we were sure glad to have the founding Timeshare AO Q back.  OK Enough about Beaker.

We started with a few warm ups.  I tried to keep my cadence count to a soft level so I didn’t disturb Burgundy and Enron as they talked about available real estate.

TTT 20 IC, IW’s IC, LBAC’s 10 forward,10 backwards, 10 Moroccan night clubs, 10 OC’s all IC

Grab some coupons from the pile.

After grabbing the blocks we did 25 curls IC, 25 OP’s IC, 25 KB swings IC.

I got a couple aids from my truck we Mosied to parking lot on Ocean Blvd where a nice breeze was welcomed,

I placed some cones in designated spots for 4 corners with reference sheets determining which exercises we would do.  After doing exercise at each corner you go to center and do 5 Burpees round 1, 10 jumpt squats round 2, 10 heals to heaven round 3.

Round 1

Corner 1 10 Merkins, Corner 2 10 Wide arm merkins, Corner 3 10 Diamond Merkins, Corner 4 10 CDD’s

Round 2

Corner 1 10 Squats, Corner 2 10 Sumo Squats, Corner 3 10 Reverse Lunges, Corner 4 Prisoner Squats

Round 3

Corner 1 10 LBC’s, Corner 2 10 FK’s, Corner 3 10 Turkish get ups, Corner 4 10 BBSU’s

Good work there then moseyed to the Beach where we did 22 Merkins in honor of our Veterans.

Indian run to the parking lot at OD.

We had some time left so how about some 11’s. Dips and Step Ups.

We moseyed back to the AO. Couple minutes left so 20 American Hammers IC, 20 Freddie Mercury’s.


Burgundy prayed us out. Prayers for his wife Emily and their family as they just took in a Foster child.  Prayers for my step fathers son Frank who had a terrible accident falling from a horse and just strength, patience, guidance for all teachers who are about to undertake uncharted waters in the educational system in this crazy pandemic world we live in.

Always a privilege to lead





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