The VICTOR and the Vanquished (Q v Q)

The VICTOR and the Vanquished (Q v Q)

Workout Date:



Quaker & Skidmark


Ms Pac-man, Boxcar, Brownbag, El Red Cardo, One Call, Bling, Humpback, Rubber, Crankbait, Headgear, Litterbox, Texas Ranger, The Intern, Skidmark, Vitimin D, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:


Quaker knew he need to bring his A-game in order the compete in this thing we call the Q v. Q Challenge, so the wheels have been turning in YHC’s head for about a week and last night he was burning the midnight oil while adding the finishing touches to a Weinke unlike any other. But he knew that in order to get his #mind right, he would need to get moving early in the Supergloom! Crankbait was lookin for some HIM to HC before the Beatdown for extra miles. YHC, Rubber, and Sunshine HC’d almost immediately. When YHC arrived at the AO, Crankbait and Rubber were there but where was our Nan’tan, Sunshine?? At 4:45 sharp the 3 Supergloomers took 1 Capri lap around the AO to give Sunshine additional time to arrive (you know its tough with the time change and all the other excuses). Unfortunately when we completed our lap, no new PAX posted, so Crankbait lit up his headgear and we were off into the Supergloom for 3.7 miles.

When we arrived back at the AO, YHC peeled off from the group and began setting up for the upcoming beatdown. There were cones set out, a Weinke reviewed, and a jar containing over 50 questions about my fellow PAX, F3 GrandStrand, and F3 Nation! By 5:15 there was a steady stream of PAX rolling into the AO for the 2nd installment of Q v. Q

It was a beautiful spring gloom and all the PAX were excited for the Q v. Q Challenge! Sunshine and Crankbait kicked it off last week and set the bar high! The first competition this week was between yours truly, Quaker, and a formidable “froe” (friendly foe), Skidmark!! Skidmark has the height and age advantage but Quaker has the Chutzpah, the secret sauce, what the French call  ‘I don’t know what’ (“je ne sais quoi” – look it up!) Lets just say the Dueling Q’s were evenly matched. When the dust settled, either PAX could be walking away  as the Victor or the Vanquished.

Quaker, the gentleman that he is deferred to Skidmark as to who would take the 1st and 3rd parts of the Q. Skidmark opted to begin and Quaker smiled!

Conditions: 66 Degrees, perfect

5:29 – One Minute Warning

5:30 – Proper Disclaimer administered by One Call

COP (led by One Call): 20 SSH IC; 15 TTT IC; 15 Windmills IC, 15 Imperial Walkers IC; 22 Merkins IC

THANG #1 (Skidmark)

Whistle While you Work!! Skidmark, after fighting a bit with his Music Box, instructed the PAX to grab a coupon and pair up at the far end of the Shovel Flag Parking Lot. PAX#1 did a designated block exercise AMRAP while PAX #2 carried his block to the opposite end of the parking lot. When PAX #2 reach the far end, he dropped the block and sprinted back to his partner at the beginning. The PAX flip-flop until each PAX took a turn with the exercise and the run. O’ yeah, Skidmark was carrying Boxcar’s Coach’s Whistle (how’d he get that? #bromance) and every time the whistle blew all PAX had to do 5 Burpees!!(nice touch!)

At 10 minutes of Blockwork, the baton was handed to Quaker for his part of the Q.

THANG #2 (Quaker)

F3 Jeopardy!! Quaker had all PAX mosey back to the Shovel Flag and circle up. Each PAX would pull a nicely laminated “Answer” from Quaker’s Container which described a fellow PAX, F3 GrandStrand, or F3 Nation and just like the TV Game Show would have to provide a response in the form of a “Question” (i.e. who is ? what is,  where is?). If the responding PAX responded correctly, all PAX would perform the exercise designated, however, if the response was wrong or not in the form of a question, then all PAX would do Burpees as a Penalty (NOTE: It was suppose to be a 5 Burpee Penalty, however, because Angry Quaker was no where to be found, we did ascending Burpees with each wrong answer).

The “Answer” & “Questions” are as follows:

Answer: This PAX played Tight End & Defensive End in High School – Question:  who was One Call, Humpback, (PAX believed there were many other potential right questions)

Answer: This AO is the furthest south in F3Grandstrand – Question: Black Beard Revenge – Humpback – 3 Burpees

Answer: F3 GrandStrand is the reigning Champion of this local Sporting Event – Question: Dragon Boat

Answer: This PAX is a pastor – Question:Kitten . . .(Texas Ranger responded at the buzzer)

Answer: This PAX’s portrait hangs at the Bagel Factory in Market Commons – Question: Bling (This is why you need to be on Slack!!)

Answer: This is the month and year F3 BombSquad was established – Question: 1/2/2016 …(Really Bling it was on the back of my shirt!!)

Answer: This is the month and year F3 TheVillage was established – Question: 11/2017

Answer: Name 2 of 4 Former 2.0 Q’s – Question: Sunshine, Crankbait, Beaker, One Call (not sure who responded but I don’t think they even knew we have a 2.0 Workout in the Summer)

Answer: Name 1 Founder of F3 – Question: OBT & Dredd . . .(Easy one for Brownbag!!)

Answer: Grow and Serve Small Workout Groups for the Invigoration of Male Community Leadership –  Question: The Mission of F3 . . . NOT the MOTTO! (Skidmark)

NOTE: Only 2 Correct Responses and one of the correct responses require 5 burpees as the winning exercise!

Time was called and the Baton handed back to my “Froe”, Skidmark

THANG #3 – (Skidmark)

PaddyCake Merkins

Skidmark arranged 3 sections of the back parking lot. Station #1 on the North end of the Parking lot was for 10 BBS, Station #2 in the middle to the Parking Lot was for 15 Paddycake Merkins, and Station #3 on the South end of the Parking Lot was for 20 Squats.  Once again the PAX were paired up. PAX #1 ran to the Northend and did BBS while PAX #2 ran to the Southend and did 20 Squats. When the PAX met in the middle they did 15 PaddyCake Merkins. After each PAX did Squats & BBS, the end exercises were changed to Lunges and American Hammers, the 15 PaddyCake Merkins remained for the middle. . . PaddyCake Merkins were a real Crowd Pleaser!

After 10 minutes of this Mayhem, the Baton was once again handed off to Quaker . . . “Grab the Music Box and mosey to the main Parking Lot!”

THANG #4 – (Quaker)

Double Jeopardy – All PAX lined up shoulder to shoulder and continued to respond to answers given by their host, Quaker! This time, however, incorrect response caused a full sprint of the Parking Lot down and Back

Answer & Questions as follows:

Answer: This PAX was formerly a Teacher before becoming a Realtor – Question: El Red Cardo

Answer: This AO is named after a twin turbo jet fighter plane – Question: Warthog

Answer: This PAX is a Carolina Forest High School Teacher – Question: RockyTop

Answer: Name at least 2 PAX who’ve competed in the Marine Mud Run – Question: Skidmark , Crankbait (brownbag answered)

Answer: This PAX is a Bridge Engineer & Dallas Cowboy Fan – Question: Texas Ranger

Answer: Name at least 1 PAX who has completed a Marathon – Question: Bubbles (One Call answered)

Answer: Name at least 2 PAX who are University of Georgia Bulldog Fans – Question: Litterbox, Vit D, Hottub (Litterbox answered)

Answer: This PAX grow up in Pittsburgh and is a huge Steelers Fan – Question: Beefsteak . . . this was the only wrong answer so we only need to do 1 sprint down and back

NOTE: PAX only had to sprint one time during Double Jeopardy!!

2 minutes remain – – -Lets mosey back to the Shovel Flag!

Along the way One Call noticed the Cones YHC had set out prior to the beatdown. . .Always Over Prepare!!! (this should get me some extra points . . .Right?)

At the Shovel Flag we circled up for 1 speed round. . .stump the Q

THANG #5 – (Quaker)

Final Jeopardy – Ask the YHC any Question. . .If I get it right . . .5 Burpees; If I get it wrong . . . 5 Burpees!! . . .A true Win-Win Situation!

Answer & Questions as follows:

 Answer:This is One Calls Birthday – Question: 3/16/1973

Answer: Name at least 2 Original PAX who formed  F3 GrandStrand . . . Question: One Call, Early Bird, Handy Manny

Answer: What is the F3 Exicon term for a standard push-up . . . Question: MERKINS (Bling didn’t get the joke!)

Quaker went 3 for 3

Time Called



Announcements: Q v Q continues tomorrow (Brownbag v. Boxcar) at The Village; Sign up for Dragon Boat! Visit the Catapult every Tuesday & Thursday (IR, FNG, Kotter friendly)

Prayers: Waterbug’s Family; Praise Report- One Call’s M for 19 years of Marital Bliss . . . Crankbait led us out

Moleskin: Wow that was a lot of fun!! Q v. Q!! Everyone has been very creative and YHC can’t wait to see what Brownbag and Boxcar have in store for tomorrow’s beatdown!! It was an honor to coQ with Skidmark and may the Best PAX win . . .Good Luck!




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