The Village – 6-7-19 Backblast

The Village – 6-7-19 Backblast

Workout Date:



Cyclops (GUEST)


Brown Bag, Beefsteak, Buckeye, Vitamin D, Ralph Lauren, Cyclops (QIC)

The Thang:

YHC was kindly given a raincheck by the PAX of F3 GrandStrand.  Not wanting to squander this opportunity, I arrived in advance of 5:00 AM to account for any missed turns or errors in trying to locate the A/O.  Fortunately, YHC’s navigational compass was calibrated reasonably well this early morning and, once cars began to pull in at a nearby parking lot, I knew some brothers would be accompanying me for the nonsense that was planned.

After meeting up with 5 other #HIMs – the disclaimers were given, assumption of risk delegated, and off the dirty half dozen went for a mosey to the West side of the A/O for a little COP:


MNC’s x 20 (I/C) – keeping arms out afterwards

Little arm circles forward X15 (I/C) – arms up afterwards

Little arm circles backward x 15 (I/C) – ditto

Shoulder taps while standing x 15 (I/C) – and recover

SSH x 30 (I/C) – at varying speeds……just because

Imperial walkers x 15 (I/C)

Hilbilly Walkers x 15 (I/C)

All exercises followed from the plank position

Merkins x 12 (I/C)

Mountain climbers x 12 (I/C)

Peter Parker x 12 (I/C)

Hold to down dog, right arm high, then left arm high

YHC did not bring gloves and decided to move on from the less than friendly asphalt chosen.  Time to mosey now that warm up was complete and head toward the main event.  Prior to getting there, PAX stopped at the flag to do a pledge of allegiance in honor of D-Day and those who gave so selflessly so that we might enjoy the blessings our freedoms provide.

The Main event – 11’s are always a popular (sort of) option with PAX and they say sharing is caring.  YHC felt it appropriate to pass on another version which hopefully gave all PAX their DRP they sought this AM.   The sequence follows:

10 Kraken burpees (regular burpee with 3 hand release merkins instead of 1 merkin) followed by 30-40-ish yard lunge walk to other end of parking lot, 1 carolina dry dock and mosey back to the start

9 kraken burpees, same lunge walk, 2 CDD’s – mosey back

8 KB’s, lunge walk, 3 CDD’s – mosey back

Continue this pattern until PAX reached 1 kraken burpee, a lunge walk And 10 CDD’s.

After completing the main event, it was time to mosey back to where we started COP – just because…….

A partner DORA 1-2-3 was planned but the main event caused YHC to call an audible – partner DORA was done with 200 squats between partners – partner 1 squatted many times while the other ran then vice versa. Then we moseyed again to COT for a little bit of Mary – but just a little.

Exercises delegated and led by the PAX were:


Six Shooters (thanks Buckeye….sort of)



Freddy Mercurys – aka bicycle crunches

YHC called for a 45 second body destroyer bringing us to 0600.


4 years Grand Strand convergence on 6-15 – get there if you can

Prayers both spoken and unspoken were lifted up to Sky Q

NMM:  The privilege of working out and posting is something for which all of us should express gratitude and thanks.  In light of recognizing the events of D-Day, it was special to take a moment to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we might have the blessing of freedom.  Having the ability to get up each day and push our limits, both real and perceived, allows us to be in a better position to lead by our example and “give it away” – especially we are leading right and living 3rd.    My thanks to the PAX of F3GrandStrand for allowing me the opportunity to Q.  It is always an honor to be in the company of such high impact men.

Until next time…….keep accelerating……one intentional day at time.


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