Thundering Applause!!

Thundering Applause!!

Workout Date:





Litterbox;  Boxcar, Skidmark, Texas Ranger, War Eagle, Crankbait, Buffett, Brownbag, Rubber, El Red Cardo, Red Coat, Sunshine, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: The Village

YHC rolled into The Village at 4:44 and headed straight to the community center for F3 QSource instruction led by Sunshine. There may have only been 3 HIM in the room this a.m. but as Crankbait was quick to point out, “These are STRONG Numbers”. Iron was sharpened & tighter bonds made!! It may be early but its definitely worth it!! Time on QSource was called at 5:28, Crankbait & Sunshine locked up as I walked out to the parking lot and found 8 PAX assembled and eagerly anticipating my Beatdown. YHC let them know that I would be with them in just a moment but first YHC need to retrieve his Wienke for the truck. “Quaker with a Wienke  . . . Oh No!!” I let everyone know that I recently Q’ed at Warthog and a Weinke is not optional!! Because YHC had 2 Q’s in a row with Wienkes some PAX believed that holding the office of 1st F Q was going to my head and/or YHC was channeling or morphing into our beloved past Nan’tan, One Call!! Buffett was more pragmatic/sarcastic and believes the Wienke is now being used due to YHC’s advancing age! Rubber & War Eagle arrived with mere moments to spare and rounded out the PAX for a total of 13. Lets get down to business!! There are 200 Merkins that we need to get after!!#MerkinChallenge

Conditions: 61 degrees, calm

5:29 – One Minute Warning

5:30 – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 21 SSH IC; 15 Merkins; 20 Imperial Walkers; 15 Merkins; 15 TTT IC;  15 Merkins; 15 Windmills IC; 15 Merkins; 15 Tempo Squats; 15 Merkins; 15 LBAC IC; 15 Merkins; 15 LBAC in Reverse IC; 15 Merkins

Mosey to Coupon Pile . . . grab a coupon of your choice and get familiar with it! . . .Buffett wanted to know if he need to familiarize himself with both holes #ThatsBetwenYou&YourCoupon


AMRAPs & Full Laps: PAX line up shoulder to should on far end of parking lot facing the Shovel Flag. PAX #1 calls out an exercise and runs a lap around entire parking lot while the remaining PAX do said exercise AMRAP until running PAX returns. Upon Running PAX return, all PAX do 10 Merkins IC. Then PAX #2 calls an exercise and runs while remaining PAX do said exercise AMRAP until PAX #2 returns. Upon PAX #2’s return, all PAX do 10 Merkins IC, etc. etc., until all PAX have had a chance to call an exercise & run a lap

Exercise #1 – Flutterkicks (Buffett)

Bonus  . . . 10 Merkins IC

Exercise #2 – Boxcutters (El Red Cardo)

Bonus  . . . 10 Merkins IC

Exercise #3 – Bus Drives (Rubber) and a shout out to Rocky Top!!

Bonus  . . . 10 Merkins IC

Exercise #4 – Planks (Brownbag) . . . Brownbag admits that Merkins are a lot tougher after the run!!

Bonus  . . . 10 Merkins IC

Exercise #5 – Block Squats (Sunshine)

Bonus  . . . 10 Merkins IC

Exercise #6 – Curls (Litterbox) . . . while Curling, Boxcar asked YHC, “When I’m up. . .should I be a D*ck or a Super D*ck?” . . . Answer, “Surprise me!!”

Bonus  . . . 10 Merkins IC

Exercise #7 – Tricep Extensions (Quaker)

Bonus  . . . 10 Merkins IC

Exercise #8 –  Overhead Press (Skidmark)

Bonus . . . 10 Merkins IC

NOTE: 200 Merkins Completed!!!

Exercise #9 – Merkins!!!! (Boxcar) . . .as Boxcar ran his lap all PAX agreed that he was a Super Duper D*ck. . .thanks again Boxcar!!!!

Exercise #10 – FlutterKicks (Redcoat)

Exercise #11 – American Hammers (War Eagle)

Exercise #12 – Rocky Balboa’s (Texas Ranger)

Exercise #13 – Block Swings (Crankbait)

Mosey to Northwestern Corner of Parking Lot with Coupons and Circle Up!

4 Corner Escalators #1

Corner #1 – 5 Overhead Press . . . Mosey with coupon to next corner

Corner #2 – 5 Overhead Press + 10 Curls. . . Mosey with coupon to next corner

Corner #3 – 5 Overhead Press + 10 Curls +15 Tricep Extensions. . . Mosey with coupon to next corner

Corner #4 –  5 Overhead Press + 10 Curls +15 Tricep Extensions + 20 Squats . . . return coupons to Coupon Pile

4 Corner Escalators #2

Corner #1 – 5 Burpees . . . mosey to next corner

Corner #2 – 5 Burpees + 10 CDD. . . mosey to next corner

Corner #3 – 5 Burpees + 10 CDD + 15 BBS (at the beginning of BBS Rubber took off running towards the far end of the circle b/c unbeknownst to YHC lentil soup produces nasty gas and Buffett must have had a bucket of it last night!!). . . mosey to next corner

Corner #4 – 5  Burpees + 10 CDD + 15 BBS + 20 SSH. . . mosey to Northwest Corner

Bearcrawl to Rubbers SUV (length of parking lot)

Lounge Walk back to Start (length of paring lot)

Partner up

Catch Me If You Can!

PAX #1 backpedals while PAX #2 does SSH. When PAX #1 makes the 1st turn, then PAX #2 sprints and tries to catch PAX #1. When all PAX return to the start, PAX flip/flop and we do it again!

Circle up in front of the Iron PAX Flag for 1 minute of planks

Time Called!!

Count-o-Rama = 13


Announcements:  P200 has full team, now we’re lookin’ for 2 HIM to step up and drive the van(s)! All looking for 2 alternate runners (just in case). Brownbag has 15 HC for Dragonboat Race need 6-7 more HC’s for a full team!! We need to defend our Championship Title!! March is almost here! Get on the Q sheet. Our newest AO – “TheCatapult” has launched and will be holding instruction every Tuesday & Thursday at CFCC 5:30 am. (This is an FNG friendly workout, designed for PAX on IR and Sadclowns who may feel that regular Beatdowns are too much.)

Prayers: Crankbait & War Eagles Colleague who suddenly passed away at age 48. He leaves behind a wife and children. #EveryDayIsPrecious. Prayers unspoken.


Moleskin: Honor and a pleasure leading this group of men. We are truly getting better together and sharping each other physically & mentally! Great meeting Litter Box, I didn’t realize that today was his second day until after the COT!! Thanks for the Thundering Applause at the end and the continued encouragement on Twitter throughout the day. Our muscles may be hurting now, but they will thank you the next morning or the morning after that!! Remember: Every Day Is Precious!!! A Gift From God!!



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