Time Share Tour Dec 7th

Time Share Tour Dec 7th

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Beaker, Cubby, Enron, Quicksand, Viagra, Weasel (QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions:  49 Degrees, Dark and Damp (Just how we like it).  It warmed up as the sun came up on the beach.  Sunrise was awesome! Ocean was Slick!

0629- 1 Minute Warning

Disclaimer Given


I have built a reputation for coming up with very hard and demanding workouts and wanted to change the pace today.  Figured id take it easy on the guys for once since i haven’t been able to post as much since my M is on night shift now at the hospital.  I made it clear that we normally beat down our legs, beat down our arms, and we beat down our abs, but today was all about HEART.  They thought it was cute until they realized i just meant all cardio…


Tempo Squat X 20

TTT X 20 (These i emphasize that the guys return all the way up to get the lower back really working)

SSH X 40

Imperial Walker X 20


Lets Mosey…

Headed down around the corn to the parking lot, one side has Pylons buried about 1.5- 2′ above ground which are PERFECT for step ups so we had to walk the length of the parking lot alternating Legs.  Approx 100 yds  give or take.  ALL PAX LOVE THESE!!  At the end there is a nice pile of coupons to choose from so here we go..

LOG FLIPS-  (2) Logs, (2) Teams of 3.  Race between teams where each Pax flips log and runs to alternate end of lot completes (1) Burpee and returns.  Rinse and repeat until winner reaches end.  Team with smaller log wins rd 1 so time to switch.  Same thing headed other way, replacing burpees with (5) Squats.  Other team wins so their needs to be a tie breaker.  Decided to put the log in the middle and have the pax race to center and flip single log.  Whoever gets to the log first wins the flip.  After about 10 rounds everyone realized the log wasnt going anywhere because after one flip the Losing team was much closer and always beat the other team, so basically the log just stayed in the middle.  It took the PAX a minute before they realized YHC was just having them doing sprints (which was the point)  HAHA.   Time to Mosey.

We are now at the halfway mark of the workout and i had a surprise in store for the PAX.  We headed for the Beach once the sun was up for some ULTIMATE FOOTBALL.  Played the same way as Ultimate Frisbee, just with a football instead.  PAX can make 2 steps after reception and then must pass.  ANY TIME A PASS IS DROPPED THERE IS A (1) BURPEE PENALTY!!  Marked off 100yds and split into two teams.  KICKOFF.  After the 1st half and maybe (20) Burpees all are starting to realize how much cardio is involved, so lets keep it moving and finish strong!  With about 5 Mins left we wrap it up and head back.

Indian Run Back…. Here’s where are unfortunate event happened…. During the Indian run the flag is passed back and last man sprints to the front with the flag and passes it back to start over..  about half way back SOMEONE got the flag caught on a branch and it pulled it apart.  All attempts were made to save it, but as i watched in slow motion… She hit the deck.  Im a Marine so when Ol’ Red White and Blue drops, so do the pax.  (10) Burpees for all. Finally make it back to the AO.


Announcements made: Christmas party and Operation SweetTooth.  Timeshare guys present made a very generous donation that should cover the cost of a couple of bikes.  Were working on the rest of the guys so we’re still working on it.

Cubby lead us out in prayer, No prayer request given.  It was an Honor to lead!

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