Time Shared, Time Cared…..

Time Shared, Time Cared…..

Workout Date:





Viagra (Respect), Beaker (AOQ), Burgundy, Enron, Weasel, Cubbie, Geppetto (DR Harrisburg), John Doe (DR Chattanooga),Bling

The Thang:

Time to Q Timeshare, time to get up earlier and make my way North of the Border, time to put a beatdown on the “Regulars” up there, time to bring out the sandbag, time to hear the grumbles…….  So lets hit it boys!

grabbed my brother in law Geppetto (as he and the fam are staying with us!) and hit the Highway……..Highway 31!

Weather- 72 and beautiful!  Didn’t have a Q written down, this was one I told Geppetto in the car “I will make this up as we go!”  Pulled into the lot at 0510 to see a few cars and familiar faces!  Weasel and Cubbie pulling in hot- 0515, here we go!

Disclaimer given, and now that the legalities are out of the way……

20 IW IC

20 tempo squats IC


20 Flutters IC

20 Hello Dolly IC

22 Merkins IC. #22Kills

Mosey down to the beachfront “Beaker- grab the flag!!”

11’s in the lot.  incline merkins and step ups.  backwards run in between.  WHOOOAAA

walk/rest to the beach (as I ponder what to do next with these boys…..). then lightning strikes me and I think back to Thursday at Warthog and the pain I submitted!  so lets repeat to whip these Timesharians into shape (I think that a word).

AMRAP time!  75 yards apart on the beach- tough mosey ahead!  partner up please.  Merkins at 1 end, jump squats at the other!  Geppetto summed this up in the car on the way home “13 minutes of hell…”  AMRAP 13 minutes, boys were smoked, but did fantastic.

was contemplating some sprints on the street, but Beaker gave me the time of 0551, better get back to the AO!  partner mosey the 1/8 mile back, circle up (as I grab my treat out of the car).  40 pound sandbag ready to give pleasure to all!

10 overhead press with bag, pass onto next PAX.  all others do 10 air presses (90 total)

10 squats with bag, pass onto next PAX, all others do 10 air squats (90 total)


love the guys up there, always solid mumble chatter going on.  its like the “Warthog of Canada”

Announcements- 2nd F event at Twelve33 distillery this Wed 7/31 at 5:30.  $25 per PAX.  Cmon boys!

prayers- Burgundy, Ka Pow, and Viagra all expecting kids and grandkids in the next couple weeks!!  blessings there!  Unspoken.


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