Workout Date:



Billboard "RESPECT"


Karma, Surf N Turf, Jingles "RESPECT", Penelope, Bubbles, Baggage, Snips "RESPECT" and Geno "RESPECT"

The Thang:

The Thang:

I got a text that I was Q from Flash so I put my thoughts together to get the job done. 45 minutes is just to short of a workout lol. So wanted to get all the body in in a short period of time.

Arrived at about 5am with Bubbles right after me then Snips. The rest came at 5:14am with crusties in their eyes. perfect morning weather wise about 69 degrees. Stuck the flag in the ground and

rounded the guys up.

Disclaimer recited:

Let the games Begin!


20 IW IC

20 WM

20 Tempo Squats

LBAC’S Forward 10 backward 10 turning to big circles. Gets them every time!

20 Overhead claps IC

20 cherry pickers IC

At this point there was a lot of mumble chatter. I could not tell what was being said because……..I WAS TRYING TO COUNT!!!!!!! LOL It is all good fellas.

Mosey to Forbus court. Line the PAX up. Explained that there are four telephone poles that we are gonna run to for some Merkin ladder fun.

First Pole 5 Merkins

Second Pole 10 Merkins

Third Pole 15 Merkins

Fourth Pole 20 merkins

drop in Plank at Stop Sign and wait for PAX

20 Plank Jacks IC

Line Up again

this time we did a squat jump ladder

same count as above for Merkins

Drop in Plank. Everyone then did 50 lBCs OYO

Mosey to Picnic Tables: I explained to the PAX that it was my 23rd Anniversary the day before and am still in love with my wife like never before.

So we did these next exercises with the rep of 23

23 Knee to Elbow step ups

23 Dips

23 Big Boys

Mosey to Bridge:

PAX then did lunges to top of bridge 23 SSH’s on top of bridge then bear crawled rest.

On Your Six:

25 American Hammers

25 Heals to heaven

25 Hello Dollies

Mosey to fountains across Farrow pkwy

25 Incline Merkins IC

4 Corners

23 Big Boys

23 LBC’s

23 American Hammers

Plank fourth corner

At this point Geno gave me the 5 minute warning. I also got a comment that I was winging my workout from Penelope. Said I would not remember for my Back Blast. :}

Mosey back to bridge:

Lunged the entire Bridge

Moey back to Flag.

Game Over

Count- o- Rama 9

Name- o-Rama

Geno Did our honors with a Prayer. Thanks You Geno!

Thanks to all that came out this morning it was my honor to lead my Brothers!


AYE!!! Billboard






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