Timeshare Beers

Timeshare Beers

Workout Date:





Honey Don't, Viagra, Enron, Beaker, Weasel, Candycane

The Thang:

Conditions– High 70s and DRY!! (I really thought I was getting drenched again)

I woke up earlier than normal and got down to the AO to  setup the beer kegs for the BEER BOMBS beat-down for my first early Timeshare Q. I was not the first in parking lot as Weasel did a pre-run to make up some of the time for needing to leave to relieve the 2.0 heading out for her new day-shift hours. I was greeted and met some new PAX (Beaker, Enron and Honey Don’t) before the one minute warning.

I gave the one minute warning and all of us circled to start the COP.

F3 mission was stated and disclaimer was given.


20- Harry Rockets IC

20- SSH IC

20 – TTT IC

20- Hillbillies IC

10- Windmills IC


15- LBOC (in reverse) IC

15- Cherry Pickers IC

22- Merkins IC

We all partnered up, and I ran through the following set of BOMBS dora style exercises that we would be doing with the beer kegs:

B= big boys- 50 while other partner runs across parking lot w/ leg

O= overhead press w/ keg- 100 while other partner runs across parking lot 2X

M= mountain climbers w/ keg (2 count)- 150 while other partner runs across parking lot w/ keg

B= bi-cep curls- 200 w/ keg while other partner runs across parking 2X

S= squats- 250 w/ keg while other partner runs across parking lot

At 5:45a.m, we began a mosey down Main Street to Ocean Blvd and up Main Street back to the parking lot. During this time, I had some time to connect with the PAX, Viagra in particular, where I found out that he works with a good friend of mine, and actually used to work at Better Brands. Small world!


MARY was the next series of exercises. PAX choice where the PAX picked an exercise for the group and they would perform the exercise with the keg in the middle of the circle:

15 Flutters IC- O’Douls

15 Hello Dollys IC-  Candy Cane

15 LBCs IC- Honey Don’t

10 American Hammers IC- Viagra

10- Monkey Humpers OYO- Enron- that was a tough one with the keg balancing on his back 🙂

10- Sumo Squats IC- Beaker



Announcements- AO challenge continues through the end of this month, Iron Pax, and Free-to-Bleed event

I prayed us out (in particular for Rubber’s dad and all of the teachers/students going back to school in the coming weeks)

Thank you to the Timeshare crew for coming and supporting me. Honor to lead gentlmen!



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