Timeshare tour: mix of old with a twist and new exercises

Timeshare tour: mix of old with a twist and new exercises

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Weasel, Longduck (F3 The Fort), Candycane, Viagra, Pikachu (QIC)

The Thang:

AO Timeshare

Conditions 82 and feels like a sauna

With the AO challenge this month I wanted to make sure I got around to a few of the AO’s to Q this month. Didn’t get to all of them as planned, but I still have intentions of getting there. In any case the Timeshare guys are a great group and usually one or two vacationing Pax. I did get worried as it was 6:27 and there was me, Candycane and a Pax from the Fort. But at least viagra showed up. Ok one minute and time to go.

Proper disclaimer


Harry Rockets 15, IW 15, HB 12, The Chinook 16, Mountain Climbers 13, Grady Corn 17. Just to keep everyone on their toes today.

Off to the Park we go. Couldn’t remember the exact route so Viagra got me there. Once we got to the Pavilion we put the benches close together and partner up, easy there’s only four of us.


P1 = Partner 1, P2 = Partner 2

1) 100 abyss Merkins max of 25 for four rounds.

P1 does Abyss Merkins while P2 moseys to Decorative fountain. As we finished these up Weasel comes in super hot today. Running blindly around North Myrtle trying to find us. But he got there and sweet glad to see him. Let’s go to the fountain for our second.

2) New exercise is Elevated Tricep dips -, got a few weird looks on this one. Using the fountain, almost in incline merkin position but arms out straight and bend arms at the elbows so you dip down and burn those triceps.

60 Dips total, P1 does dips and P2 moseys to park bench a few hundred feet away.


3) New exercise is Elevated Mountain Climbers- Feet up on fountain brick, hands in the ground fully extended, four count but two regular and two Peter Parker leg movements.

Total of 60: max set of 15 for each round. P1 does Elevated Mountain Climbers while P2 moseys to park bench. 15 is about all you can get. This is a slow movement

4) Time to mosey to the 2nd Ave Parking Garage. Mosey to the top of the garage. Once at top plank and wait for everyone else, actually just me cause my asthma kicked in. Lucky me.

5) Crab walk with a knee slap about half way down the ramp. Crab walk two steps and stop and slap each knee.

6) Bear crawl back up the ramp with a knee slap up the ramp.

7) P1 Wall Sit and P2 Alt Shldr tap 4 ct but two regular shldr taps and then raise left arm straight out, then right arm straight out. max rep of 15 total ea pax for a total of 60.

8) Mosey back down the ramp and off to the beach short on time as it’s 7:15. Still love to see the ocean. 5 Merkins but not regular merkins. Left arm out for a three count, right arm out for a three count, then one merkin. So left arm and right arm go wide and back to regular merkin position. These are OYO and back to shovel flag.

Short Mary

Pikachu: my last new exercise is a two count flutter with a gas pumper mixed in for a four count total. 15 IC

Weasel: American Hammers w/ the Chinook or LBC w/ the chinook 15 IC. Everyone got a laugh out of these.


Announcements, final day of AO challenge and I think we have a clear winner but we shall see, freed to bleed Oct 30. Get connected through slack, twitter. Get out there


Weasel friend Renee, Rubbers dad and unspoken.

I think everyone got their monies worth today. Allot more running that I had anticipated as I was more focused on the actual exercises than I was the overall plan. It’s always fun to bring new exercises to the group and everyone look at you sideways like what is that, how does that work, what are we doing. Then after 30 seconds, the light bulb goes off and boom, they got it. Today’s workout was a lower rep but I felt harder movement workout. I figured I don’t always need to hit 1000 reps to get in a good workout and today proved to be just that. Thanks for having me and following my crazy plan today.






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