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Valvano, Hoser, Billboard, Flash, Geno, Bubbles, Lombardi, Rousey, BullsEye(DR), Blindside(DR), Hippie (DR), Franklin, Quaker( (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

YHC has been looking forward to Q’ing at Warthog all month and wanted to give the PAX something a little different. These guys are studs and expect all Q’s to bring their A-game! If the Beatdown is subpar they will mercilessly unleash their rapier wit (not ‘rapist wit’ #Dumb&Dumber) #ISI and give a reverse verbal beatdown (#beware). So the pressure was on. As the days approached I winnowed down my options, but it was not until One Call put out a request to clean up the coupon pile at BombSquad that YHC cemented his BeatDown plans. YHC would kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Warthog does not to my knowledge have a coupon pile of their own, so YHC would bring them one for the day!  YHC loaded up 14 blocks, 1 Monster Tire, and even a 4 foot section of Telephone Pole (YHC had no idea what to use the Pole for, but why not!).

After loading up the coupons, YHC joined the PAX at BombSquad for Flyover’s 40th Birthday Q (at least for the first 20 minutes). Boy was YHC glad he did, after the COP it was right into 4 Corners with Corner #1 being 40 Burpees!! After 40 were completed, YHC mosey’s back to my truck grabbed the Iron Flag and headed over to Rousey’s house (no man left behind). We arrived at Warthog around 6:40, unloaded the Iron Flag and Monster Tire as Bluegrass and Billboard came riding in from a 17 mile sprint bike ride. Hoser and Valvano were on the track getting their Ruck in. Greetings were made as the PAX steadily came rollin’ in. 14 PAX (Bluegrass needed to leave at the end of the COP) strong including 3 DR PAX (2 from Lake Norman & 1 from the Mecca)! Welcome Hippie, Blindside, & Bullseye!


Conditions: 56 degrees, mild

6:59 – One minute Warning

7:00 – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 26 SSH IC;  16 TTT IC; 16 Windmills IC; 22 Merkins IC; 17 Imperial Walkers IC; 15 Little Baby Arm Circles IC; 15 LBAC Reverse; 15 Cherry Pickers IC

Mosey to truck and retrieve coupons . . .numerous comments about the “cute”, “mini” weights

Mosey to Iron Flag and Circle Up for instructions . . .

The THANG: Tire Fire

PAX circle up and an exercise is called out. Each PAX leads a Set of 10 Reps around the Circle for a total of 130 reps per exercise while 1 PAX flips a Monster Tire for at least 10 reps before re-entering the Circle. (NOTE: Burpees & ManMakers were only a 2 count per PAX). After each Ring of Fire is completed, all PAX mosey to Tire with their block and circle up for the next Ring of Fire

Exercise #1 –       Over Head Block Press          Tire Flipper #1 – Quaker

NOTE: after 1st round no one was making fun of the “mini weights”

Exercise #2 –       Block Curls                              Tire Flipper #2 – Billboard

Exercise #3 –       Burpees w/ block                    Tire Flipper #3 – Bullseye

Exercise #4 –       Flutterkicks w/ block             Tire Flipper #4 – Bubbles

Exercise #5 –       Tricep Block Extension          Tire Flipper #5 – Rousey

Exercise #6 –       American Block Hammers    Tire Flipper #6 – Hippie

Exercise #7 –       ManMakers                               Tire Flipper #7 – Valvano

Exercise #8 –       Block Squats                             Tire Flipper #8 – Blindside

Exercise #9 –       Heals to Heaven w/ blocks    Tire Flipper #9 – Flash

Exercise #10 –     Monkey Humpers                    Tire Flipper #10- Franklin

Bonus                   Tire Flipper #11- Geno

All Coupons and the Tire were returned to YHC’s truck

Mary: 15 Hello Dolly IC; 20 Merkins OYO; 20 BBS OYO; Final Ring of Fire – each PAX leads for 1 Burpee (total of 13 additional Burpees completed by each PAX)

Time Called

Announcements: P200 has 12 HC and needs at least 3 additional PAX (alternates). Training for P200 every Friday 5:15 @Hulkamania.

Prayers: for Gremlin’s Family and fellow PAX and unspoken

Moleskin: YHC had a great time today!!  The BeatDown was definitely a tough one but All PAX rose to the occasion and pushed themselves and each other. The Mumble Chatter was non-stop!! Lots of laughs while changing up the cadence, making eye contact, and critiquing each other’s near perfect form!! All PAX may not have been able to complete all 130 reps for each exercise but each PAX did far more than they thought they could!! Great work!! I look forward to leading this Band of Brothers next month . . .if they’ll let me Q again!!!



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