To Post or Not to Post- Must have been the question….

To Post or Not to Post- Must have been the question….

Workout Date:





chicken little, burgandy, viagra (respect)

The Thang:

Conditions = perfect

53 clear  finally with a side of ocean mist!

Great morning for a parking lot/Beach mixed bag!

The time to Q had come, the night before had me reaching deep for the perfect low injury impact/ high impact sweat fest. As the YHC put the night cap on and dreaming of a long night of sleeping bliss, the sound of waves crashing the light bulbs lit up for a sec then out.

I had missed Jetah beatdown on Tuesday as YHC is convinced my left arm might fall off at certain points after during virtually anything. Not sure but right now it’s feeling ripe due to YHC didn’t pad the weinke with merkins or anything of the likes!

Awake and out the door, grabbing the ruck and head out for a 1mile hike to the AO. Arriving just shy of time we went right into the disclaimer… all set

TTT x 20 IC

SSH x 20 IC

Windmills x 20 IC

LBAC x 20 IC

Reverse LBAC x 20 IC

On your Six

LBC’s x 20 IC

Mosey to end of Main right to Buoys  parking lot for a good shin workout with added pain.

Against the post for    Toe raises x 20

mosey backwards to other side      Mountain climbers x 20

Backwards to post     Toe raises x 20

Backwards to other side       Shoulder Taps

Backwards to post      Toe raises x 20

Backwards to other side    Squats  x 20

Backwards to post      Raised heel squats on the rocks = quad burn

That part of the beatdown is to strengthen the muscles supporting the knees

Mosey to next public parking lot of choice

Toy soldier to end of lot onto walk over to the sitting section –  20 dips OYO & 20 Incline merkins

Mosey on beach to Main st. entrance for a DORA

Partner pax runs to 50 yard mark while 2nd pax executes exercise

100 2 count flutter kicks

150  2 count heels to heaven

200  squat (YHC created a heal raise to focus on top quad) ease on the knees

Overhead press x 46 for YHC’s age time to celebrate before the 50

Mosey to old horseshoe parking lot end of main

Lunge walk to Every long line and squat while adding an additional squat at every line

Disclaimer – was going to be every other line Burgandy made an audible to do EVERY line… AYE!

Got to the end which accumulated 20 squats and alot of mumblechatter YHC gave an out 5  burpees to end it or finish as is! Burpees it was!

Mosey to AO for a round of Mary

Viagra – his favorite  American Hammers x 15 IC

CL – Big Boys x 20  OYO

Burgandy- His favorite   Imperial Walkers! x 15 IC

YHC – LBC’s x 20 IC


Count o Rama- 4 PAX accounted for

Announcements – Meeting of minds for a Grandstrand scavenger hunt – possibly the boardwalk and converge with the Republic conway pax- sounds like fun

Setting Christmas convergence & party dates early to allow everyone to work it into their busy schedules and possibly a week day dinner idea juices flowing

Dragon Boat race – sign up – good times!


Prayer for YHC’s business partner the Laps family – His nephew was killed in a car accident yesterday- Family is devastated – he was only 18 and possibly his passenger friend might not make it.

YHC prayed us out.


Honor to lead as always!





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