Too many knuckleheads for a VQ

Too many knuckleheads for a VQ

Workout Date:





First Base, Beats, Red Card (FNK/Beats' 2.0), Pikachu, Hedgehog, Candy Cane, Beefsteak, Rubber, Cropduster, Flatliner, O'Douls (AOQ), Humpback, Brownbag (Respect), Hojo, Spork, Mrs. Doubtfire, Flop (Respect)

The Thang:

Conditions: 77 and humid, like every day since mid May

1 minute warning, perfect execution of the Mission due to unreasonable amount of rehearsing, disclaimer. QIC request to AOQ to keep mumblechatter to a minimum, denied

denied !! - Wayne's world | Meme Generator

I get the feeling I’m alone here, but I thought every new Pax secretly wanted 4-5 guys at his VQ to make it manageable and less like herding cats. No such luck as 17 cars rolled in with 18 Pax for the beatdown. Felt overwhelming at first, but then felt all warm and fuzzy due to the strong support.

COP:  Tempo Squat x 15 IC; LBAC x 15 IC; Chinooks x 15 IC; LBAC-R x 15 IC; TTT x 15 IC; SSH x 15 IC; Merkin x 15 OYO

Grabbed blocks and proceeded to big parking lot for Beatdown

Main Zone had 5 exercises on the Weinke: 20 Windmill Merkins (thanks for help with the name First Base. You could have been making that up but now they’re Windmill Merkins), 50 curls, 25 OH presses, 20 Block Swings, 10 Burpees + 25 LBCs.

Each exercise above was broken up with a 500 foot Mosey around the parking lot, in which there were 2 cones separated by 30 yards. over that 30 yards the Pax did: Sprint, Lunges, Bear Crawl, Lunges, Sprint.

Pax who finished early did core and block stuff to keep moving, or continued to Mosey with the last few to finish. Everyone in this group pushed very hard and I’m proud of all- the last person in finished within about 3 minutes of the first (Candy Cane, obviously). That’s like your #9 hitter going 2/3 with an RBI. Super strong work top to bottom.

Group continued back toward the pile with 2 stops:

  1. Group wall sit with a Pax-led 30 count. Someone was a little evil, maybe Rubber, and stretched his one count out to an almost 10 count. After wall sits were 20 Merkins with lots of judgmental mumblechatter b/c my cadence was weird. Semantics, we move on.
  2. Head to the grass field for 2 cycles of: 5 Blockees, 50 yard jog, 50 yard sprint, recover back to starting line.

Circled up for a little core. Not too much, to get Odouls back home to avoid divorce papers. Flutters IC x 20, 30 second plank, again a Pax-led 30 count. A few evildoers holding to a 3 count, but Pikachu at the end holding #30 for a solid 10 seconds.



Naming the FNK. Peyton 11 y/o (now, Red Card) is Beats’ 2.0 and performed extremely well. At one point in the grass sprints, he sailed past me like I was in concrete. Beats is a new Pax, this was his 3rd Beatdown and he’s already a pacesetter.

O’douls with announcements that ran a little long for someone looking to get home.

One spoken prayer for a community member hospitalized with Covid, and another unspoken prayer.

Out. Again, very honored by the super strong showing. I’m still new and I don’t know the lexicon and I can’t count to 15 but today was a good day.



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