Train. Train hard.

Train. Train hard.

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Bling, Boxcar, Lombardi, Valvano, Hoser, Brady Bunch, Headgear, Spinal Tap, Chicken Little, Cubbie and Weasel pretty much #DR!, Scorpio (2.0), MySpace (18 y.o. FNG Kyle), OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Frosty.  29.

Well, here we go!!!  #WaveRucker, which is always awesome and usually pretty brutal, now has a focus.  GrowRuck and other various GR events in 2021.  We have new guys wondering what it’s about and veterans getting back after it hard.  So, let’s train, and train hard.

There should be some bonus coffee or something for when the Q has to load a bunch of stuff the night before – 40, 60, 80 lb sandbags.  60 lb trident.  60 lb single man log.  100 lb 2 man log.  My ruck.  My 2.0’s ruck who HC’d (which is more than we can say for Geno).  An extra ruck for 2.0’s FNG friend.  Extra weight plate for Spinal Tap or Chicken Little.  Tupperware of trash for dump (well, that was already there).  Ok.  I always love my Tuesday night conversations with the M.  What time are you waking up tomorrow?  “3:20.  Every Wednesday.”  I think there was a little shock on the 2.0’s face who knew it was a 0430 workout, but didn’t really realize that means you don’t wake up at 0430.  Anyhow…..I called out for coupons, not knowing who was gonna show – Weedeater and Grease Monkey again?  Nope.  Billboard?  Nope.  Flash?  Nope – but he was Q’ing the Oyster.  Hamburglar?  Nope.  Varsity?  Nope.  Billboard?  Nope.  Bubbles?  Nope.  I mention these names cause there was at least an inquiry from them about posting.  There may have also been a HC or 2 there as well.

But who did we have?  Tremendous men!!!
The #ClownCar of the PL crew (less Geno) – Bling, Boxcar, Lombardi.  Thanks for the sandbags Bling and Lombardi.  BC – that sale is ending soon.
Valvano – Only there for the snacks he said.
Hoser – along with sandbags and a pantless dummy in the fire SUV – and no, that wasn’t Jingles, it was Fred!
Brady Bunch rolling with Headgear and the awful log they bring.
Spinal Tap – 1st on the scene ready to roll.
Chicken Little for his 1st (of hopefully many) post at #WaveRucker
Cubbie and Weasel traveling FOREVER to make it – that was awesome
One of my 2.0’s – Scorpio – who told the M when we got home that Bling authorized him to take a 3 hour nap!!!!  #HomeSchoolSchedule
Scorpio’s 18 y.o. buddy Kyle as an FNG.  Fit strong kid.
Then YHC of course.
We can easily get 20+ guys at #WaveRucker and there is no reason that shouldn’t happen.  Train train train.

Coupons lined up in parking lot – there were A LOT!

OK.  Let’s go…1 minute warning.  Disclaimer.  This would be hard but also educational for all who haven’t really done things like this.  Ask questions.  Learn.

To warm up and get a little feel of things:
Headgear – you are TL – get the men around the track 3x
Regular ruck
Front load ruck
Ruck on back, mosey the straights, ruck the turns
Back to coupons
AWESOME job Headgear.  Also, he barely met the height requirement to “ride this ride” per Weasel!

Again, to get a feel for different things with a ruck – we would also pay homage to the Monday anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor – 12/7/41
Military personnel killed – 2335 – 2008 navy; 109 marines; 218 army//68 civilians
Wounded – 1143 – 710 navy, 69 marines, 364 army//103 civilians

PT – all with ruck
Merkins x 12 Single count
BBSU x 7 Single count
Squats x 41 Single count

Burpees – 2 OYO
Plank a bit.  Talk a bit.  Keep knees off ground.  Stand up.
3 burpees.
Flutters x 35 IC – hold ruck up
LBC’s x 68 Single Count

American Hammers rucks held or hugged x 11 IC
Rucks off on ground in front – Merkin on ruck, up on knees, shoulder press ruck – 20 OYO
Rucks on front – Squats x 23 (totals 43) Single Count

Movement 1 – Assign TL – Valvano
Assign coupons, and goal
Decided on the 3 logs and Fred as a 1 man fireman carry, and the trident
Grab stuff and GO

Took a bit over 26 minutes for right at 1.5 miles.
Talk, AAR, learn, educate.  So, Fred sucked as a single carry.  Logs, height matters with partners.  Swap coupons.  Transitions can kill time hacks.  Lots and lots learned and lots of hard work done.  Shoulders hurt.  Legs tired.
Valvano – Great work.  Fired.

Movement 2 – New TL – Lombardi
3 x 60 lb sandbags, single man log, and Fred.
This time Fred would be a 2 or 3 man carry.  Set it up.
Done in just over 22 minutes.  – Why so much quicker?  Better communication.  Better teamwork.  Fred didn’t crush a single man’s soul carrying him.
Again, strong great work by all!  Great lead by Lombardi!

We did not have time for PT Round 2
But, I will Q again!

Wanted this to be hard and educational.  I think we accomplished both.  Honor being out there with all of you and look forward to many more weeks of training!!

Count-O-Rama – 14
Prayer requests for Weasel and things he mentioned that I won’t put in writing so he doesn’t get in trouble
Prayer requests for Soto and family continue
Prayer requests for those dealing with COVID and impact to various family members
Prayers unspoken

– Ugly sweater convergence – #Bombsquad – 12/19 – 0700 – Headgear on Q.
– #FreedtoBleed Round 2 on December 30.  SIGN UP!  Save 3 lives.  If you don’t, you are just plain mean.
– GrowRuck – 4/30-5/2/21 – Talk to Soto about specifics, lend a ruck, etc. and start training.  YHC, Bling, Valvano, Hoser will be glad to assist.  Show up to Elevation Mondays and/or Waveruckers
– Keep rucking; keep getting stronger and better!


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