Train Your Weaknesses

Train Your Weaknesses

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Bling, Lombardi, Fergie, Geno, Boxcar and Valvano (AOQ)

The Thang:

Conditions: Brisk 60s, slightly misty and gloomy!

YHC/QIC’s first Q at #ElevationMonday (EM) that is designed for both ruckers and runners scalable with the theme of each beatdown being hill work.  MB is relatively flat.  “Hills will tell on you!” said a veteran Pax…and if you post (like me) outside of the region where the geography has this strange land phenomenon (like Arlington, VA), you might get a wee bit winded (as you sport your tough looking F3GS racer jersey) — lol!  Enter #EM and on an off schedule opportunity, YHC posted a few months ago at #EM (OneCall on Q).  It completely kicked my ass!  YHC usually lifts on Mondays resting his knee from the previous Saturday beatdown trying to get it ready for a Tuesday Catapult beatdown (20+ years of martial arts are exacting its toll).  Nonetheless, my knee doctor (Vit-D) said where possible strengthen those legs so that the knee can be better supported by the muscles and not the joints — don’t skip leg day!!  After my first #EM — specifically at Doug Shaw with its sweet track and large stadium seating —  YHC has now endeavored to do this once per month.  Enough yaking (and fast forward through a minor mishap in the gym that put YHC on IR for 6 weeks), YHC wrestled the Q spot for today so that I could get reacquainted with #EM and its awfulness.

This morning’s WOD would be a mix of #EM and #Waverucker (WR) with the lion’s share being the smokefest of the stadium stair climb and a circuit or two of Ruck.Beer’s WOD — the “Bear With Me”!

6 other #HIM showed up at Doug Shaw with rucks and sandbags in tow.  Stadium lights come to life temporarily blinding the Pax.  One minute warning, welcome to F3, abbreviated disclaimer, and we got after it…

WARM-UP: 15 – 20 reps. IC of SSH, IW, TS, and LBAC F&B.

SEGMENT 1: Bear With Me (BWM) WOD.  One the right side goal line, Pax would bearcrawl (BC) (w/ ruck on) 10 yards and do 20 reps of 1 exercise (w/ ruck) that were Merkins, Squats, 4 ct. Flutter Kicks (ruck overhead), Curls and 4 ct. Mountain Climbers.  So, 10 yards of BC in between each 20 rep. exercise.

SEGMENT 2: Get up them steps!  Pax rucked up (and down) the 4 sets of stairs in stadium with the choice of adding their sandbag to the climb.  Done.  It sucked.  Do it again.

SEGMENT 3: 1 more round of BWM.  Draining my strength for the final segment.

SEGMENT 4: Get up them steps!  Done.  One more time.

Smoked (at least YHC was)!  Cool down and stretching.  Time!

COR – 7
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken (Headgear and his 2.0 Izzy specifically) and unspoken.
MBOM by Lombardi

Announcements: Check out F3 GrandStrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  Freed to Bleed blood drive this week, Halloween Convergence (costume or tacky tank top this Saturday at #BombSquad 0700) and 2F 2.0 campout (see Slack for details on all); Jacob Hancher – F3 Hightower memorial coin fundraiser (click here for deets); Give2Give and more.  The more you plug in, the more you see the big picture of F3!

NMMS: Great job this morning!  No one “sandbagged”, in fact they carried them like a boss!  YHC had several titles in mind for this backblast…”It looked good on paper!”, “#EM stole my soul (again)!”, and “They (Valvano and Bling) make it look so friggin easy!  But, YHC decided on the subject title because that’s exactly why the reason I was here…to take an area of my fitness that I am weak in and train it to get better!  You all pushed me way more than this old guy pushed the crew this morning!

Honor to lead (and can’t feel my legs)!



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