TriOral for #DirtyPics

TriOral for #DirtyPics

Workout Date:



All of us really


Bling, Valvano, TriOral (FNG Randy), OneCall

The Thang:

Conditions – BEAUTIFUL!!  70 degrees and cool!!!!

The monthly GORUCK #RuckClubCallout was upon us and after much discussion – since apparently SOME of us refuse to get a little dirty – we finally decided to do it, but move it to #BombSquad where we knew there was a hose to rinse off!!!  Add into that the wonderful dirt all up and down CF Blvd and we were set.  THEN, the Sky Q shined upon us with an AWESOME storm last night, so mud mud mud!!!

Luckily, we had a fellow weirdo in town.  He is training for the Cincinnati Star Course and is part of the Steel City Ruck Club.  He reached out to Valvano on FB and was able to join us for #ElevationMonday and then today (we made today his FNG day since it is a true AO and #ElevationMonday is just us rucking around).  Really great getting to meet him and ruck with him.  He will be strong in the Star Course!!!

Anyhow, we did the callout – getting in 4.6 miles (with Rousey taking our awesome #DirtyPics while Q’ing #BS):

  • 4 miles minimum (distance starts as soon as you are muddy)
  • 4 people per group, no less
  • Tag GORUCK in any and all social posts, tell your members to do the same
  • Bonus cool points for getting muddy/unmuddy in a fun/unique way

We arrived at out start point and hosed each other off.  What a glorious site!!!  Bling got into it a little too much, almost like a Cinemax scene.  Valvano had so much mud on him he couldn’t get clean.  TriOral was telling us how his wife was gonna think he was crazy doing this on vacation!


Count-O-Rama – 4
Prayer requests for our military and 1st responders and this Country!
Prayer requests for all those traveling to and from MB
Prayer requests unspoken

– This was a ton of fun.  Grown men playing in the mud.  I am concerned tho – 2 different police officers in their trucks, stopped, must have looked at us cause they stayed parked a long moment, had to be wondering what in the world 4 grown men were doing, but didn’t ask.  Are they that used to F3 guys doing crazy stuff??  LOL.
–  Now, the best part of the workout was our FNG’s name.  His M is a pharmacist.  She told him: “TriOral”.  Now, it is not what you think.  Sheesh people.  It is a World Health Organization approved product that she recommended for him in his GR events!!  It is also on the GR Selection approved list.  But obviously, the name is incredible!!   Just be sure to use the “i”.  In fact, Bling and Valvano both said they would (use) TriOral later!!

– Bling has set up another VIP tour at the Twelve33 Distillery!!  7/31, Wednesday at 5:30 SHARP.  12 total allowed.  Get with Bling to sign up ASAP!  Spots go quick!  $25 per again per Abercrombie


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