Tuesday at The Village

Tuesday at The Village

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Sade', Tiny Dancer, Rubber, Quaker (Respect), Cast a Way, Weasel (QIC)

The Thang:

I want to start this thread out with a note*    Can someone pin the pin code for the village on SLACK????  I keep forgetting and then i always go back to the local zip code without the last digit but thats wrong now.. even Rubber cant remember..  HAHA!  Somebody help the rest of us non villagers out!

Anyways…  I get to the AO about 5 mins early and quaker, castaway and Sade’ are already there ready to go.  Tiny Dancer and Rubber not far behind.  everyone circles up, quick disclaimer given and time to roll..

Warm UP

35x SSH IC, 15 TTT IC, 20 IW IC, 20x LBAC FWD IC, 20x LBAC RWD IC, 20x OHC IC, 20x Cherry Pickers IC, 20x OHP IC

We can warm up on the move, Lets Mosey….

I had planned on getting out of the cage at the village and going to check out some other areas to pursue and maybe get these guys outside their comfort zones.  So i did some research last night and found a couple parks that are “close” by.  We head out the village and its about a .75mi run to the first Park (If you can remember how to get there).  We kept a brisk pace and knocked out 10 Merkins OYO on the way just to change it up.

We arrive at the first park which has a nice Yoga Mat.  So here we go.  20 X BBS on my UP, 10 x Merkins on my down  x 3 rounds.  Ok lets keep moving.  This time we did an Indian run to the next park which I wasn’t really sure where it was, but we ended up finding it.  CLARIFICATION:  After just going back and looking at maps we did not find the park i was looking for, they were actually on the other side of 17, but we somehow found a small memorial site at the corner of Marion and Pickens with a fence around a couple of large trees an we made the best of it.  I believe Rubber declared it the  Great King Park or something like that.  Anyways, perfect site for a quick DORA so here we go.  50 Merkins, 100 Squats, 200 Flutter Kicks.  After this we had about 15 Mins so time to Mosey back.

Indian Run w/ Last Man completing Burpee before heading to front back.  This was getting pretty brutal and separating the Pax, but hey its a grind and were almost done!   We Navigate our way through some pretty nice areas, and knew we were getting close back to the start once we could smell the trash truck again.  we hit the last corner with 3 mins left and Pax break off AYG to the fence.  We get through and circle up at the flag and TIME!!  (Note:  I measured it on Google Earth its 1.25Mi from there back to the circle)

Timing and execution were perfect by the PAX.  I really enjoyed getting out and seeing what else the Village has to offer outside of the fence.  No Coupons, No Bear Crawls, just intensity and high heart rates!!  These guys at the village are ready for more, so if you ‘Q’d here, get over and see what they got to offer.

Honor To Lead

Announcements- Freed to Bleed OCT 30th, 2nd F Lunch at NMB Hamburger Joes tomorrow, Cubby’s DROPTHEPOUNDS CHALLENGE Kicked off sign up on slack!


Prayers are still flowing for Weedeater and his family.

Get out and POST!


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