Twas the Beatdown Before Christmas

Twas the Beatdown Before Christmas

Workout Date:





Ball Coach (DR F3 Birmingham), Franklin, Karma, Billboard (1 x R), OneCall, Geno, Backdraft, Lombardi and Headgear (AOQ)

The Thang:

‘Twas the early morn of Christmas Eve, when all through the F3 GS Warthog “turf”,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a pre-run called by Hamburglar (w/ a decent 70% of showing) pounding the “earth”;

The beatdown that would occur was meticulously planned by YHC/QIC with “care”,
In hopes that many Pax (maybe even St. Nick or Redwood Original Geno) soon would be “there” (he indeed was…looking fit!!);

The 9 Pax that showed up could have #Fartsacked nestled all snug in their “beds”,
While visions of sugar-plums (or a new GR2, Glock 9mm, or libations) danced in their “heads”;

The zealous Q called the “one minute warning”, not once, but 3 times so Pax would be “ready”,
Lombardi rounded us to 10 as he came in hot in his sweet sleek black “QX80”;

Proper disclaimer, welcome to F3, mission impeccably stated the Nan’tan Emeritus quite (looked at least) “impressed”,
Pax were then lead through the usual assortment of warmups with fervent  #mumblechatter (re: Billboard’s streamlined physique) overpowering the gloom’s “stillness”;

A mosey to the parking deck ensued to shelter the crew for the main “show”,
There behold was QIC’s shtick the bucket Merry Christmas men ready for this “go”;

The Pax were told that 2 DORA partner circuits were waiting with exercises “galore”,
100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, and 300 Squats…
(recover/core principles/change partner)
100 Scorpion Drydocks, 100 4-ct. FKs, and 100 2-hand Jump squats…
Hill runs…All with intermittent 70 lb. bucket carry (3 turns ea.)…
The QICs goal was to make those muscles and lungs very “sore”;

Our DR Pax Ball Coach and Backdraft (a munitions aficionado) handled the bucket seemingly with “ease”, Headgear and Karma always putting in 100% often gliding past YHC “effortlessly”;

The fleet footed Franklin was an awesome partner patient as the Q may have lost count a few “times”,
the burly (and well inked) OneCall is probably getting annoyed by these “rhymes”;

So (let’s wrap it up), a round of Mary, instructions not quite followed then a jaunt back to the “COT”,
Some quick #SOGA, COR, NOR, praise/prayer, announcements (plenty of 3F in 2020) — we are “F3”;

Lombardi lead us in a spectacular BOM reminding us that Christ is the reason “right” (?!), thank you for indulging me in this BB, you are my band of brothers and to all a good “night”!’

Merry Christmas to you and your families!


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