U vs U at the O

U vs U at the O

Workout Date:





SurfNTurf, Manziel (Respect), Bob the Builder, Blooper, Bodett, Karma, Butterfly, Hard Hat, Lazy Boy, Franklin, Bubbles, Swiper, Butch, Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

1 minute warning

Disclaimer given


SSH x 25 IC
TTT x 10 IC
Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
Windmills x 10 IC

PAX formed 2 lines for an Indian Run to the tennis courts (~0.5mi)

At the courts, PAX lined up along the width of the court and YHC gave the following instructions:
1. Perform exercise listed AMRAP
2. As soon as your form breaks, you slow down, or take a break (i.e. knee down for merkins, shake legs during squats, lay back during BBSU), run to far side of the courts
3. If you can perform 50 reps in perfect fashion, run to far side of the courts
4. At the far side, perform 1 Burpee and then return for the next exercise

1. Merkins
2. BBSUs
3. Jump Squats
4. Flutter Kicks (4ct)
5. Diamond Merkins
6. Heels to Heaven
7. Bonnie Blairs (count each leg)
8. American Hammers (4ct)
9. Carolina Dry Docks
10. LBCs
11. Calf Raises
12. Plank Jacks (4ct)

After all 12 exercises, mosey 1 lap around the courts and start back at the top.

TClaps to SurfNTurf, who completed all 12 exercises with perfect form and without break!

At 0605 last set was called and all PAX lined back up to Indian Run back to the AO.

With 2 minutes remaining, YHC called 20 American Hammers IC and 22 Merkins OYO.


Count-O-Rama – 14
– IronPAX starts 9/6 – SIGN UP!  Take it seriously, or not, but SIGN UP!

IronPAX Challenge Registration Form

– F3Nation 10 Year Anniversary Convergence Oct 8-10 in Wilmington, NC.  Jeter is leading the #clowncar logistics – check Slack!


– Freed to Bleed 10/29


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