Underestimating IPC WK1 at Village

Underestimating IPC WK1 at Village

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The Thang:

No need to plan this one, the work out was created for us.  IPC Week #1.  I warned a lot of guys about what last year brought and not to be fooled by WK 0.   Week 1 was going to bring it.  And I believe most of us highly underestimated what was a meat grinder of a workout.  I did not expect to be any where near where I was last year, as YHC is still nursing this manly injury of mine, but I’m going to put out anyway and represent our region just like the rest of you fine gentlemen.  Most of the guys here today had already ran it once this week and were trying to improve their time…. I advised them they were nuts and take what you got on round 1, but they didn’t listen so here we go…

Some Quick Stretches and a warm up mosey (This is where we messed up. Definitely should have saved the time)

IPC Week 1:

(3) Burpees Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM) Until all reps are complete.  Time stops after last rep of last set.  You can not move on to the next exercise until you are complete with the previous.


(50) Hand Release, Release Merkins

(100) Straight Leg Raises

(150) Jungle Boi Squats

(200) Big Boi Sit Ups

(250) Single Leg Forward (In Place) Lunges


Easy right???   Haha…  Ok here we go.  The mumble chatter was strong this morning.  YHC loved it.  All PAX really appreciated TR’s App telling us on the 30 sec mark of EMOM that we were half way there.  It was like being stuck in a Journey Song for 40 mins.  Most of the guys started out strong.  Some of the guys were trying very hard to beat their old time, and some of us were just grinding through.  Its bad when you do 3 Burpees and then by the time you catch your breath its time to do 3 more.. Anyways heres YHC’s thoughts:

Hand Release, Release merkins were a great starting point.  I think everyone got through these pretty easy and they are definately something you need to get into a rythym and knock out.  Any how YHC thinks most pax were done in the first 3 mins. (9 Burpees)

Leg Raises- Again Another strong suit for YHC and they didnt bother my toe so 4 rounds of 25 for me and im done 4 Mins (12 Burpees)

Jungle Boi Squats-  These are not a tall persons friend (Much like burpees)  Quad Killers, Definately where the Pax started getting off pace.  I stuck with 20 reps a round  and 10 on the final. YHC actually had a break in this one with 1 round of no reps.  9 Mins (27 Burpees)

Big Boi’s- Boy was i glad to get to this point at least i thought..  Thought these would be YHC’s bread and butter.  Wrong again  went for 10 rounds of 20, but ended up doing between 15-20.  15 Mins (45 Burpees)

Lunges-  YHC had just started Lunges and was about 50 in when we had to call time.  Got all the pax circled up,Count Off,  Name-O-Rama, Announcements and Prayer Requests COT.  Ill talk about this in a min.  Now i have to get back to finishing so my time doesn’t astronomically suck…   These were not as bad as i thought, but then again YHC stopped feeling anything about 10 mins ago.  These are a money maker or a time breaker.  Took me 10 Rounds of 25 to finish.  10 Mins (30 Burpees)

Its a Solid 40 min workout.  Its an annoying constant rep machine that just crushes your soul.   Stud Pax are doing this in 25 Mins.  Somebody did it in 15. But i wont state my opinion on that……  I added 5 Mins to my time for penalty since i had to get the PAX out.

No one improved their time.  Except YHC, because anything is better than 0.

Announcements- 2nd F Calendar for September is posted.  Make it out and get some fellowship outside of the beatdowns!  Sept 12th Bowling Night at Market Commons (2.0s and M’s WELCOME)  Freed to Bleed Oct 30th.  STARTING NEXT WEEK ALL AO’s WILL BE BACK ON 0515 START TIMES!!!

Prayer Requests- Rubbers Father Don Passed Away this week so our thoughts are with you and your family.  My Wifes Friend Renee (I posted about community clean up at her house last week) battle with cancer is over and she is now at peace and with her god.  Keep her Husband Joe and her Family in your thoughts.  It was rough night last night.

Humpack Prayed us out.

I always enjoy getting out in front, but this time i was just glad to finish.  GET OUT AND POST!!


Depending on the situation with Renee i may need to have someone cover my Q tomorrow at Bombsquad.  Ill reach out on Slack later today pending what my M wants to do.


Embrace the Suck!!






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